One-stop electronics and tech retail company, Ximple, plans to raise over RM5 million through their latest ECF campaign under Fundnel.

Singapore-based Ximple expanded into Malaysia early this year. It has also established a partnership in Odisha, India with two partners to support the expansion to the country with Ximple India.

With the ECF campaign, the tech enterprise hopes to further optimise their membership programme, Xircle, by offering members sustainable electronic products, based on its Shop, Own and Dispose of ethos.

Wong Wai Jeat, Ximple CEO and founder said, “The idea I had when developing Ximple was to tackle e-waste and how people consume home appliances. E-waste has become such a global concern that I believe there is a need to find solutions to nurture sustainability and have ESG implemented in our daily consumption of technology.

“With this first stage of funding round, Ximple will look into keeping that promise by choosing to elevate and find solutions to provide members with e-sustainable solutions to improve and ease their livelihood.”

Malaysia produces an estimated 356,000 tonnes of e-waste annually. The amount could mount up and lead to detrimental effects on the country’s environmental well-being if the situation is left unattended and unmanaged.

With the Shop, Own and Dispose ethos, the company hopes to raise e-sustainability awareness amongst Malaysians, and one day nurtures a society that embraces a greener environment free of e-waste. As a pioneering tech-centric platform focusing on a fully circular business model, Ximple is a one-stop platform for the sustainable consumption of electronics.

Designed for an all-around user experience, the app enables consumers to purchase electronic products at discounted prices. At the same time, the app promotes the “sell, donate or recycle” option for products at the end of their life cycles. Ximple also offers other unique features such as e-warranty and social shopping tools allowing users to interact with merchants.

To date, the platform has gained a traction of 55,000 visitors every month and displayed over 1,400 brands offering more than 77,000 products.

Upon completion of the campaign, Ximple will focus on its upcoming mobile application known as Ximple Home – an all-encompassing application that includes software to manage all smart electronics and devices in one’s home slated for launching next year.

Designed to redefine how tech users and homeowners operate their daily consumption of electronics and appliances at home or the office, Ximple Home will act as an all-in-one remote control that will provide users with convenience to manage their smart devices and appliances.

Jack Lee Sek Hor, Director of Ximple Malaysia, said: “Our goal with this mobile app is to accelerate one’s productivity without having to sacrifice time. As we know, it takes manpower to turn these appliances on and off, leading to people forgetting to save electricity. With Ximple Home, we hope to not only embrace our sustainability efforts by reducing e-waste, but to also nurture smarter usage of home appliances.”


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