Waterco (Far East) Sdn Bhd has received the Halal Certification from the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM) for its water filtration products following a thorough auditing process on its products and manufacturing management systems.

This strategic move is in line with the company’s goals to not only ensure its variety of products and services are more accessible to Malaysians but also so that the quality received in both segments will always exceed expectations, Waterco said in a statement.

Koo Zao Cheong, regional business development manager of Waterco Malaysia.

“We constantly stress the importance of product performance and safety as they are our utmost priority in order to provide a safe and healthy water environment for Malaysians. Additionally, obtaining the Halal certification proves Waterco’s strong commitment to continuously improve our services and respond to market needs efficiently,” explained Koo Zao Cheong, regional business development manager of Waterco Malaysia.

The water solutions provider started the process of obtaining the certification in early December 2020 by establishing a Halal committee to ensure the fulfillment of the stringent requirements and set up the internal Halal assurance system (HAS), which is the backbone for the standard accreditation exercise.

This guidance ensures all Halal requirements are incorporated as part of their operations which are then audited by the Halal Certification body, Jabatan Agama Islam Negeri Selangor (JAIS) and JAKIM. Both JAIS and JAKIM have carried out a thorough examination and audit to verify the origins of the raw materials, sourcing channels, and the presence of MSDS/ CSDS, HACCP and GMP.

Koo noted that despite the obstacles faced and challenges arising from the pandemic which had lengthened the timeline, Waterco was able to meet the stringent requirements and in the process, strengthen its product positioning and expand its reach to provide Point-Of-Entry (POE) water filter system for residential homes, Halal-dependent industries and more.

“After careful research and studies of the market, we are confident that with this certification, it will be beneficial for the business growth and more importantly for our current and prospective consumers, leading us to be one step closer in providing the nation with a safe and healthy water environment needed for the daily necessities be it for commercial or personal usage,” said Koo.


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