Warner Music Malaysia recently unveiled its strategy to propel Malaysian music to regional prominence during the ‘Raikan Raya Bersama Warner Music Malaysia’s Raya Open House 2024.

In partnership with Aloft Kuala Lumpur as the venue sponsor, the event welcomed 25 children from the local orphanage Rumah Titian Kaseh, fostering Raya blessings and supporting the children with lively performances by Warner Music artists such as Syamel, Amsyar Leee, Layla Sania, Zynakal, TUJU, and Luqman Podolski.

Dinesh Ratnam, managing director of Warner Music Malaysia, highlighted Malaysia’s rich talent pool and the success achieved by local artists on digital platforms, affirming Malaysia’s potential to make a significant impact on the regional and global music scene.

According to Dinesh, artists in Malaysia can look forward to promising futures as our country’s music industry is on a high growth trajectory. Last year, the industry’s revenue achieved a historic high of RM303.89 million revenue in 2023, marking the highest income ever recorded, surpassing the previous record of RM300 million set in 1998.

Dinesh Ratnam, managing director, Warner Music Malaysia

As such, Dinesh noted that Warner Music Malaysia aims to elevate the local music industry by enabling creativity, advocating for originality, and nurturing talent to resonate with wider audiences.

Malaysian artists have made waves on Spotify, with Kugiran Masdo named #1 Local Artist of the Year and Luqman Podolski securing the coveted #3 position. Additionally, “SAH” by Sarah Suhairi featuring Alfie Zumi topped charts in Malaysia and transcended borders by ranking within Spotify Indonesia’s Top 50.

Recognising Indonesia’s strategic importance, Dinesh explained that Warner Music Malaysia celebrated Malaysian artists’ success in Indonesia, emphasising the potential for Malaysian music to resonate deeply with fans regionally.

In response to these achievements, Warner Music Malaysia is implementing a strategic plan to commercialise Malaysian music effectively. Leveraging its global network, the label aims to promote Malaysian artists internationally and foster collaborations with global counterparts, enhancing the music ecosystem.

Furthermore, Warner Music Malaysia is committed to supporting the live music scene, attracting international talent to Malaysia and elevating the country’s reputation as a vibrant hub for live music experiences.

Looking ahead, Warner Music Malaysia promises exciting prospects with anticipated album releases from top-tier artists like Bunga and Masdo, along with cross-border collaborations like Luqman Podolski x Eclat Story’s single “Menanti” and an upcoming project from Amsyar Leee x Fadhilah Intan. Warner Music Indonesia’s high school music tour, featuring Malaysian artists, further expands opportunities for Malaysian music in Indonesia.

Amid championing local talent, international fans are eagerly anticipating Dua Lipa’s upcoming album release on May 3rd, 2024.


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