Duo Series for Interior and Car


KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA – Media OutReach – 15 July 2020 – Malaysia’s
pioneering car perfume manufacturer VANZO ASIA has launched its New Generation
Sterilizing Air Freshener recently. This time, VANZO collaborates with artist
Lin Min Chen by naming her the brand’s ambassador once again. The collaboration
aims to promote high-quality fragrance products to provide a healthier and more
refreshing experience for the community.


Eddie Ng, founder cum CEO of VANZO, claimed that this latest
generation of air freshener is a brand new duo series that has been arranged
and developed by the company for one full year. The air freshener is not only
suitable for cars, but also fits perfectly as house fragrance, more the reason
it lives up the name as the product of a new generation.


“The last
product we launched is a series of car perfume made solely for women, it is
also the first female-oriented car perfume made in Malaysia. The launch is
successful and evokes huge
responses from our users, especially female drivers who have given us a lot of
positive feedbacks. This is the motivation that urged me to make another new
product — to lead a new trending tide in the industry once more!”


Eddie Ng revealed that VANZO is also the first brand in
Malaysia’s market that sends its product initiatively for assays. The New
Generation Sterilizing Air Freshener not only passed numerous tests which
proved it does not contain formaldehyde,
toluene, benzene, and other harmful substances but also successfully
acquire the only international SGS sterilization certificate in the market.
Thus, it is proven as a high-quality, double-function fragrance product.


The New Generation Sterilizing Air Freshener uses premium
ingredients produced by Japan fragrance company Ogawa & Co., Ltd. Users are
given choices to choose from classic floral, English pear and freesia as
their air freshener flavour. Apart from that, users can also adjust the density
of fragrance (thin, mild, dense) through the attach diffuser sticks. The
fragrance can last for 30 to 60 days.


 “In terms of packaging, we use the same
fashionable design like we always did. The product’s sophisticated appearance also
makes a wonderful decoration. Whether should you place it inside your car or house,
it will certainly boost the overall elegance of said location.”


Into the International Market


VANZO was founded in 2017 and collaborates with Japan
fragrance company, Ogawa & Co., Ltd., which has 125 years of history and is
ranked as one of the top 5 fragrance group in the world.


Apart from Malaysia’s market, VANZO has also successfully
established itself in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Brunei, Singapore, and Vietnam.
Currently, VANZO has more than 3000 retail sites throughout Malaysia, including
AEON, car accessories stores, car wash, mini-markets and more.


“We plan to
increase our retail sites to 10,000 by next year, which includes shopping malls, petrol stations,
Family Mart, and many more. We hope to expand our market and push VANZO’s
products all over Malaysia. With this, our consumers will be able to purchase
VANZO’s product anywhere,


Malaysia, I also hope that VANZO can step onto the international market, so
that VANZO, a Malaysia brand that aims to promote healthy, elegant car perfume,
can be recognized by more people out there.”


with Numerous Awards


According to Eddie Ng, VANZO has received numerous awards
throughout the years since it was founded. Among these awards, the most
important is none other than the Consumer’s Choice Award issued by MTPN
(Majlis Tindakan Pengguna Negara). The award is a recognition that proves the
company’s relentless pursuit for greater quality, which is also the proof of
support and attention from the government and consumers.


Aside from having a strategic partnership with Malaysia’s
No.1 car site Carlist, VANZO also collaborates with GrabCar by promoting its
car perfume in the Grab Driver’s app. Currently, VANZO has established
partnerships with 11 government departments and is allowed to play its
advertisement in said departments.


The New Generation Sterilizing Air Freshener will be
released in each retail site successively in due course, users can also purchase
it through VANZO’s online official store: https://vanzoasia.com/


For more information, please visit VANZO’s
Facebook page: www.facebook.com/vanzoasia.sdn.bhd/