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Singaporean online travel company, Travel Trade Marketplace, has launched EQUATOR as a comprehensive marketplace for the tourism sector. This platform seamlessly integrates both B2B and D2C business models, allowing companies to buy and sell on a single platform. Sellers retain control over segment pricing and customer engagement, all facilitated by a low transaction fee.

EQUATOR’s initial release enables accommodation operators to promote rooms and F&B to pre-qualified customers from diverse industries and business segments. Subsequent releases will expand the platform to include a variety of products, making EQUATOR a one-stop trading platform and marketing channel.

In recent years, hotels’ online sales have surged, but so have associated costs, including opportunity costs due to duplication and undesired exposure. EQUATOR’s e-commerce model offers full transparency between buyers and sellers, original source content, and undisrupted pricing.

The platform’s co-marketing solution further reduces marketing expenses. Its Market Segmented Pricing (MSP) System empowers sellers to control customer viewership and pricing based on markets, industries, and business segments.

The B2B creators’ module enables sellers to enhance their product offerings by seamlessly integrating complementary products from other operators.

Nicolas Ishkanian, Senior VP – global distribution for Absolute Hotel Services, praised EQUATOR’s innovative approach, describing it as a gateway to new possibilities. Gary Tay, head of sales & marketing of Berjaya Hotels & Resorts, highlighted the collaboration’s value in delivering new customer perspectives and dynamic synergies.

Equator’s major shareholder, Anthony Chan, Group MD of Chan Brothers Travel, expressed enthusiasm about this revolutionary model, emphasising its benefits in providing best pricing for customers and expanding relationships with travel operators.

Founder & CEO Fred Seow shared plans to launch the Tourism ID staff program, offering industry rates for personal travel, emphasizing the platform’s potential to drive direct business for travel operators and deliver stronger benefits to partners and travelers. EQUATOR is poised to transform the travel industry sustainably.


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