Tourists visiting Singapore spend the most per day, which amounts to nearly $250 per day. In Bangkok, it is around $145. Latest MasterCard studies show that since the last two years, Singapore has exhibited about 18% growth in total visitor spending.

Spending in Singapore amounted to $254 last year, followed by Beijing (242), Shanghai (234), Hong Kong (242) and Taipei (208).

Largely due to emerging middle-class of the Asia-Pacific region, the overall tourism expenditure here jumped from 142 billion in 2009 to 245 billion in the year 2016. Also, the leading 20 source markets of the Asia Pacific contributed nearly 202 billion to the region’s tourism revenue in 2016. MasterCard analysis showed that 2016 was an exciting year for tourism in this region.

Singapore is the world’s fastest growing region in terms of global tourism by GDP contribution. Tourism in Singapore contributes about 8.5 per cent of the GDP of Asia-Pacific and 8.7 per cent of total employment last year


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