TM Info-Media Sdn Bhd (TMIM) is encouraging women who are keen to venture into the world of business to participate in its “Yellow Pages Coffee Talk” (YPCT) programme, a platform created for the exchange of ideas and experience.

Chief Executive Officer Alfian Abu Talib said TMIM, a subsidiary of TM Malaysia Bhd, was keen to introduce this corporate social programme to women who stood to gain by the exposure and opportunity to meet, chat and network without borders.

“Globally, businesswomen socialise over coffee and we are confident if Malaysian women do the same in this programme, it would help open their minds,” he told Bernama after a YPCT programme Saturday.

Alfian said TMIM was supportive of businesswomen as they were not only the backbone of their families but also the community in general.

“Our board of directors sat down last year to discuss how TMIM could contribute to the society in terms of publishing the Yellow Pages.

“As a result, the YPCT idea was born and it was launched in March and will continue until after Ramadhan,” he said.

Alfian also said TMIM was inviting government agencies to support and participate in the programme by way providing resource personnel who could provide lectures.

TMIM is currently collaborating with Starbucks Malaysia in promoting this programme.


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