As part of Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM)’s recent SME BizFest and BizNet 2012, the Company celebrated the winners of the lucky draw organised at both events held from January 2012 until May 2012 at its headquarters, Menara TM.

These winners were randomly selected though draw sessions from the pool of customers who attended the nationwide tour of the events which were specifically tailored for Malaysian SMEs.

Present to give away the prizes to the lucky winners was Azizi A. Hadi, Executive Vice President, SME, TM.

Speaking at the prize giving ceremony, Azizi A Hadi congratulated all lucky draw winners of SME BizFest and BizNet 2012, among them are Grand Prize winners, Lim Chee Keong and Gui Hock Liang who receives brand new GMW Haval H5 SUV and Proton Persona 1.6 for BizFest and BizNet respectively.

Azizi added that through the support from participants in both BizFest and BizNet, it is hoped that they are able to improve their SME business through information and knowledge.

Through these events, TM is providing yet another avenue for SMEs to empower their businesses through knowledge sharing and acquisition. Both SME BizFest™ and BizNet™ also provide a platform for Malaysian SMEs to interact and establish networks among their fraternity as well as with TM.

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