Continuing with the theme of nature in its works, renowned Vietnamese media company Thương Hiệu Vũ is introducing Biển which means Sea, a new music video that portrays the current deplorable state of the sea that has to suffer because of our apathy 

The company said that this is a work for green cause for the community, following its “Forest” music video which was nominated for the Golden Apricot Prize 2021, and also the work that led to the company getting the SME100 Asia Award in 2021, strongly affirming its mission — “A healthy seed, a wealthy brand”. 

Thương Hiệu Vũ is a company that specialises in brand strategy planning, creation, production, and execution of integrated media activities. The target customers that Thương Hiệu Vũ aims for are businesses with a vision for sustainable development and a high sense of environmental protection. 

All customer’s requests are chanelled directly to the company’s founding team. Therefore, Thương Hiệu Vũ is not simply a seller of ideas, but it also considers itself as a sincere partner in every undertaking. 

Moreover, Thương Hiệu Vũ believes in the Japanese philosophy of ‘Kaizen’ (Continual Improvement) – constantly changing – and is always launching campaigns with data analysis techniques as the foundation to create strong brand values that are more profound and sustainable for its customers.

Thương Hiệu Vũ always aspires to plant ‘good seeds’ every day so that everyone can see, hear, see and feel the final ‘sweet fruit’ of sustainable development. 

A number of well-known personalities performed in “SEA” including meritorious artist Thanh Loc, singer Vu Cat Tuong, rapper Yuno Bigboi, singer Phuc Bo, and dancer Hai Anh.

The music video brings this profound message:

“The sea is like a gentle mother who always covers, nurtures, and gives a lot without ever ‘putting a price’. But the habit of greedy people who want to have more, destroys marine life, litters plastic waste indiscriminately, and makes Mother SEA wear out.

“And to prevent the SEA from changing its colour,  from TRANSFORMING, a small, TIMELY action can create a HUGE effect.”

Thương Hiệu Vũ hopes that “SEA” will bring you a new breeze of realisation, both as a message, a sincere sentiment and also a wake-up call about the alarming situation of the SEA.

Let’s join hands to contribute to the sustainable development of the Earth! 

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