Rapid technological advancements has changed the way we view the world. Activities that used to take days or weeks can now be done in just a fraction of the time. It goes without saying that the adoption of these new technologies have also helped businesses to maximise their efficiency and productivity.

We are heading into a new age of digital transformation and automation. Innovative digital systems allow us to more easily streamline the production of goods. Automation is increasing the speed and precision of manufacturing, allowing for a more consistent and quality product.

Smart Manufacturing is being predicted as the next Industrial Revolution or Industry 4.0. And, as with many other advances throughout recent years, it all has to do with technology connectivity and the advances in the contextualisation of data. With it, we can take advantage of advanced information and manufacturing technologies to enable flexibility in physical processes to address a dynamic and global market.

SEMICON Southeast Asia 2019, an annual gathering of the global electronics manufacturing supply chain, opened on 7 May 2019. The event, which was officiated by the Deputy Minister of International Trade & Industry Dr Ong Kian Ming, brings together industry experts from around the world for critical insights into the semiconductor ecosystem, new business opportunities and collaboration.

CEO of SEMI Ajit Manocha stated that SEMICON SEA heavily emphasises the importance of the Electrical and Electronics (E&E) segment’s economic contribution to Malaysia.

“The showcase aims to bridge Malaysia’s three important electronics clusters while at the same time, serve as a central connection point to the rest of Southeast Asia’s electronics manufacturing supply chain. With the rapid proliferation of digital technology across a multitude of applications market, Southeast Asia electronics manufacturing especially Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines will continue to expand the semiconductor market share and growth”, said Mr Manocha.

The event is jointly organised by SEMI and the Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA).

“We want to connect with more companies and foster strategic collaborations in the tech space. The country is continuously building on its strengths and capitalising on megatrends to move up the value chain. Therefore, Malaysia is indeed a competitive destination for businesses to grow”, said CEO of MIDA Dato’ Azman Mahmud.

Taking centre stage at the event is the Smart Manufacturing presentation, which showcases a fully-fledged smart factory that demonstrates the entire end-to-end microelectronics supply chain. It also highlights the future of high-tech factories, in which new digital technology including augmented reality and automation is fully integrated into the manufacturing process.

Other exhibitors addressed critical industry shortage of skilled workers in the industry as well as demonstrating technologies that enable smart lifestyles as start-ups showcase pioneering and disruptive products and applications powered by Internet-of-Things (IoT).

SEMICON Southeast Asia is taking place until 9 May 2019.