The integration of technology has become an integral part of human and social evolution, creating a partition between an era bereft of technology and an era of rapid modernity.  The need for technological evolution has never been more essential at workplaces. Greater productivity, efficiency and time management are all products of technology in an evolving workplace.

Saving up to 60% of time, costs, resources and manpower, Ricoh (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd., introduces its brand new ‘anytime, anywhere’, Huddle Room concept. The concept is an integration of three of its latest range of high-end visual communications products, the Interactive Whiteboard (IWB), Unified Communication Systems (UCS) and Projector series. The Ricoh Huddle Room aims to allow employees within and outside the workplace, to share ideas virtually, quickly and conveniently with enhanced and seamless communication.

The IWB D5510 is the new and improved interactive 55-inch full HD 1080p LCD display, with the ability to display the faintest of handwriting and the nuances of detailed drawings, enabling remote sharing with up to eight D5510 units connected via intranet, and easy browsing of up to 20 computer or tablet users, creating an extra dimension for business meetings, presentations, teleconferences and many more.

Apart from its lightweight and compact design, equipped with wired and wireless connectivity, which allows it to be placed just 11.7cm from the screen and still display vivid, eye-catching images, the PJ WX4141 projector series, is considered a smart choice for the modern working practice with its ‘pro-green’ design that saves energy, leaving a smaller carbon footprint.

Mr. Nick Tan, General Manager of Marketing of Ricoh Malaysia Sdn. Bhd., said “With an intelligent communications suite, we are able to reduce the cost of communication to extend our customers’ reach without stretching them thin. It is the ideal solution for entrepreneurs and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME) working off small office units. Ricoh’s Communications Services allow our customers to cut through the noise and engage effectively with their counterparts to receive the right information in the right form at the right price and at the right time.”

“As a leader in total office & business solutions, we at Ricoh live by our brand tagline ‘Imagine. Change.’ in which, we consistently strive to harness our collective imagination to create economical solutions for the workplace that would complement the growth of businesses by enabling better work efficiency across the world, while simultaneously reducing our carbon footprint tremendously,” he added.


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