Cardboard boxes – a major concern for environmentally conscious businesses

Making paper and cardboard is the third largest user of industrial energy on the planet. What’s more, a great percentage of cardboard does not reach the recycling depot and ends up in landfill. Reusable plastic crates offer a green alternative as they can be recycled and have a longer lifecycle, reducing deforestation and landfill.

In terms of practicality in the storage and removals industry, the benefits of using a plastic crate greatly outweighs the benefits of using a cardboard box. You needn’t worry about the contents being too heavy for a cardboard box and risk it ripping, no need to be concerned if the box gets wet and the items inside along the way and you don’t need to worry about where to put the box once you are finished with it because a plastic crate is returnable. This is part of the Returnable Transit Packaging principle, namely the innovative development of no longer using single trip packaging to transport goods, giving businesses the chance to reduce the amount of packaging they need for transporting their goods significantly.

With plastic crates offering businesses a more environmentally friendly, robust and quicker packaging option than cardboard boxes, it becomes obvious why businesses have decided to opt for plastic as their transport packaging superhero.


August 2012


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