HONG KONG, CHINA – Media OutReach – 19 June 2020 – The 8th “Xinhui Yamen Gudou Crab Festival” will be held from 20 June to 20 August in Xinhui Gudou Hot Spring Town, which is familiar to many Hong Kong people. This year’s festival will kick off with the jolly and fun “Crab Party at Planet Galaxy Beach”.


Xinhui Yamen Fishing Port is one of the eight major fishing ports in Guangdong. The aquaculture in both saltwater and freshwater makes the local seafood exceptionally delicious. Crabs are in season from April to August every year, attracting gourmets from Hong Kong, Macau and the rest of the Pearl River Delta to Yamen. The “Xinhui Yamen Gudou Crab Festival” has become Xinhui City’s annual special festival that draws many tourists to the Xinhui Yamen Gudou Hot Spring Town.


Gudou crabs are noted for their delicious and smooth meat, so much so that crab congee, steamed crabs, a stew of white gourd and crabs and a stew of free-range chicken and crabs are the locals’ favourite dishes and are also very popular among foodies. In this year’s Crab Festival, a programme of exciting events will be arranged and they can be enjoyed at discounts. “Crab Party at Planet Galaxy Beach” will be held as the kick-off ceremony on June 20 at Gudou Planet Galaxy Beach, which is a tourist spot popular among many internet celebrities. You will be able to enjoy the crazy games and fantastic performances to your heart’s content.

To celebrate the annual Xinhui Yamen Gudou Crab Festival, Gudou Holdings Co., Ltd., a well-known operator of hot spring resorts and hotels and developer of tourism properties, will offer the following packages at discounts:


One-Day Family Tour “Planet Galaxy Beach + Crab Feast”                           from RMB198 per person

One-Day Tour “Hot Spring in Hot Spring Valley + Crab Feast”                     from RMB 288 per person

Two-Day Deluxe Family Tour Package

“Planet Galaxy Beach + Waterpark + Crab Feast”                                           from RMB 520 per person

“Crab Party at Planet Galaxy Beach”                                                               from RMB 699 for two people


Festival Details

Event: The 8th Xinhui Yamen Gudou Crab Festival

Dates: 20 June 2020 — 30 August 2020

Venue: Gudou Hot Spring Town

Host: Xinhui Tourism Association

“Crab Party at Planet Galaxy Beach” to be held on 20 June 2020


Exciting Events

–       Tour of “Planet Galaxy Beach” Waterpark

Ecological sightseeing tour of Yinhu Bay wetland allows you to drink in the scenery of beautiful countryside. You can also take selfies at the hot spot “Crab World”.

–       Crab Beach Wild Party

You can participate in games such as “Crab Race”, “Crab Hunter Shooting Game”, ring game called “The Warrant to Arrest Boss Crab ” and “Find and Catch Crabs with Excavators”.

–       Crab 101 Quiz on WeChat (with prizes)

–       “DOU” Crab Dance Contest Organized by TikTok

–       Savouring dishes of crabs recommended by internet celebrities

About Gudou Holdings Limited

Gudou Holdings is a hot spring resort and hotel operator and a tourism property developer in the People’s Republic of China (“PRC”). It principally engages in the operation and management of the hot spring resorts and hotels  at Gudou Hot Spring Resort, and the development and sale of tourism properties at Gudou Hot Spring Resort. The “Gudou” brand is a well-known brand of integrated hot spring resort in the PRC. It operates six theme hotel complexes with a variety of leisure and recreational attractions, including hot spring facilities, hotels, shops, eateries, a water park, a spa centre, a conference centre, parks, tourist attractions and other ancillary leisure and recreational facilities.