TGV Cinemas Sdn Bhd (TGV Cinemas) has led the way to the future for exhibitors and cinema operators in Malaysia with the launch of its new Digital 3D projection system called 3D-X with the exclusive premiere of Ang Lee’s first 3D film, Life of Pi at the spanking new 50,923 sq ft TGV Cinemas SetiaWalk in Puchong.

TGV SetiaWalk brings a whole new dimension to the cinema experience for Malaysians as it includes the very best of comfort and digital cinema experience. The new cinema is home to a Beanieplex, which has comfortable cushy beanbag seats that come in pairs, and eight other cinema halls all equipped with the latest digital projection system.

Equipped with two function rooms and a classy foyer, Malaysians can expect one-of-a-kind-event experiences at TGV Cinemas.

“Cinema-goers constantly demand for a change of environment whilst watching a movie. The combination of high technology and unique experience are the essentials to provide a value-added cinema experience. With the distinctive features at SetiaWalk, our patrons are now able to experience the full potential of a movie screening with crystal clear image and sound and a comfortable ambience,” said Wong.

“We are in the business of entertainment and entertainment is all about engaging the emotional experience of the audience. As this is also a natural part of our business, TGV Cinemas is always at the forefront in ensuring Malaysians get to experience new and innovative measures as they step foot into our cinemas,” said Wong.

“With the technology enhancements and upgrades, all our cinema patrons can look forward to a slew of exciting blockbuster movies lined up next year with a cinematic experience unlike any other,” Wong added.


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