image006Temasek Polytechnic (TP) and Cloudera announced a partnership to work together to cultivate the next generation of data professionals through the Cloudera Academic Partnership (CAP) program.

Through this program, students from Temasek Polytechnic’s School of Informatics & IT (IIT) have access to the latest Apache Hadoop curriculum, software and skills training for the Hadoop platform.

Leveraging CAP, Temasek Polytechnic has integrated the content provided by Cloudera into both its full-time Diploma in Big Data Management & Governance and the part-time Specialist Diploma in Big Data Management. Available to post-secondary students, Temasek Polytechnic’s full-time program is the first and only full-time program dedicated to big data skills. The part-time program caters better to working professionals who are seeking to upskill in this area.

“Temasek Polytechnic is committed to training students with deep skills in managing big data. Our partnership with Cloudera in implementing the CAP program is already helping our students acquire the necessary skills and experience to respond to the needs of industry for skilled professionals,” said Mrs Lee-Lim Sok Keow, Deputy Principal/Temasek Polytechnic and Director/TP School of Informatics & IT.

Daniel Ng, Senior Director for APAC, Cloudera said, “We are seeing a strong demand for skilled data professionals, especially for workers who are able to deploy and manage big data initiatives on the Hadoop platform. Cloudera’s CAP program provides institutions with the appropriate resources to streamline and accelerate the adoption of Apache Hadoop, as well as help prepare and certify students for the demands of a changing market and increasingly new big data-related roles across industries.”

Through CAP, Cloudera provides partner institutions with a free, complete, industry-standard Hadoop curriculum that can readily be incorporated into computer science and business analytics courses. Teaching staff and students of affiliated institutions also get access to software and discounted training to help accelerate the adoption of the Hadoop platform. Currently, over 100 academic institutions around the globe are members of CAP.

Besides academic partnerships, Cloudera also recently launched the Cloudera BASE Initiative in Singapore, which Temasek Polytechnic is also a part of. Through BASE, Cloudera has brought together partner organizations across the private and public sectors to form an ecosystem that will work collaboratively to empower more data professionals in Singapore. In line with Singapore’s Smart Nation initiative, these partnerships mean that workers getting trained on data and analytics skills can better gain access to employment opportunities and contribute to the economy and industry as part of the workforce, while the private sector will gain from having a larger pool of data professionals.

How does Cloudera CAP work?

Through the CAP program, Cloudera provides partner institutions with a complete, free, industry-standard Hadoop curriculum that schools can incorporate into their courses. Teaching staff and students affiliated with CAP program institutions can freely download a wide selection of Cloudera supplementary training material and receive discounts on all Cloudera Certification examinations. Teaching staff also qualify for deep discounts on Cloudera University professional training delivered by Cloudera’s team of expert Hadoop instructors, and benefit from up-to-date classroom tools, instructor forums, dedicated program support, and the world’s largest Hadoop knowledgebase.

Cloudera Education Software License Program

Accredited, non-profit academic institutions can also take advantage of the more robust features of Cloudera’s software suite through a special University License. CAP members have free access to Cloudera Enterprise: Data Hub Edition for 12 months to support data-intensive testing, development, and research. In conjunction with Cloudera’s industry-leading open-source platform, the University License provides CAP participants with the tools needed to achieve major breakthroughs in big data.

Foundation for CAP Program Curriculum: Cloudera University

The CAP program curriculum was developed from the industry-leading training courses and technical certifications offered by Cloudera University, which focuses on Apache Hadoop, its ecosystem and data science. Cloudera University offers the world’s most complete and comprehensive Hadoop education programs for data professionals.


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