Telekomunikasi Indonesia, Tbk (Telkom) remains steadfast to serving the small, medium enterprises (SME) that it recently, via its Division of Business Service (DBS), has unveiled a new service ‘MangoSTAR’, making it easier for SMEs anywhere to have internet access.

With the MangoSTAR, the state-owned enterprise is optimistic that it will be able to narrow the digital divide in the country, as well as to support its goal of achieving three million SMEs Goes Digital target by the end of this year.

“MangoSTAR is a new satellite technology-based internet access solution known as Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT). We set it up in a more attractive package that is very suitable for SMEs in areas where it is difficult to connect them into the physical network access (copper or fiber optic),” said Telkom director of enterprise & business service Muhammad Awaluddin during the MangoSTAR launch in Jakarta recently.

“MangoStar represents Telkom’s promise to introduce telecommunications access to the rest of Indonesia regardless of the location. In fact, MangoStar is the only broadband services via satellite in Indonesia that can download with up 2 Mbps and upload with 0.5 Mbps speed,” Awaluddin added.

Technology-wise, Internet access can be provided via ADSL or fiber optic Copper (Fiber To The Home/FTTH), radio access and VSAT. Copper network (FTTH) and radio access the mainstay for operators in urban areas. But in remote areas, VSAT is the mainstay due to difficulties in developing the network. Thanks to the VSAT managed by MetraSat (a subsidiary of TELKOM), it can be connected directly to the satellite.

MangoSTAR service is available in various packages at affordable monthly fees with guaranteed delivery and service. Telkom also provides a variety convenience for additional Internet access quota top ups through http://www.blanja.com/.

In addition to the Internet access, customers can enjoy other benefits such as free to air television broadcast services without reducing their bandwidth quota. Most importantly, the SMEs can get free memberships at www.smartbisnis.co.id, www.jarvis-store.com and 25% discount for subscription for those who upgrade their packages as well as free membership to user seller at www.blanja.com.

Awaluddin also said that in concept, the launch of MangoSTAR is part of the 3C strategy, namely connectivity to meet the demand for Internet access availability for SMEs; content through which SMEs can immediately take advantage of a variety of content available in www.smartbisnis.co.id and commerce in which SMEs can directly market their products through www.blanja.com.

By the end of the year, Telkom targets to serve 5,000 customers. Within two weeks before the launch, Telkom has received numerous requests from various locations such as Jambi, Mentawai and Kalimantan.


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