Many industrial requirements call for efficient and heavy-duty hardware that can get the job done reliably and effectively. Taiwan, as the technology island of the world with the strength in ICT, has been gaining strong momentum as it aligns itself with the global trend and invest in the development of high value metal production such as hardware building material and fastener.

To attract the more people to experience Taiwan’s innovative hardware, Taiwan Excellence conducted “Building Material and Fastener Webinar” on 30th Oct. The event was jointly held by TAITRA, the foremost trade promotion entity in Taiwan, and the Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs.

With Taiwan’s cutting-edge ICT industry, building material and fastener could produce data through sensors, by which the functions of the components can be optimize. In result, making Taiwan one of the powerhouses in the hand tools and fastener industry, said Ms. Simon Wang, Executive Vice President of TAITRA during the online campaign.

This event focused on four winners of the prestigious Taiwan Excellence Award, namely:

King Slide Works- A power house in home furniture hardware and an international renowned ODM supplier of green products. With built-in mechanical “Vibration Safety Design (VSD)”, their Simlead Metal Drawer System prevents the potential risk of cabinets falling down due to lopsidedness caused by the sudden ejection of drawers during abnormal vibration, making them the World’s First Drawer Safety Design.

Sheh Kai Precision- Specializes in high-end construction fastener: bi-metal screw, ultimate performance bi-metal and carbon steel screw anchor. Their Concrete Screw Anchor is a fastener product with high ductility within the load bearing area of the fastener. High ductility leads to lower sensitivity, which will safeguard the fastener from the disadvantages of embrittlement such as sudden loss of strength, unexpected and delayed failure.

TRONCO Electric Machinery- An expert in high-performance automatic doors. Their Automatic Swing Door System incorporates microprocessor servo controllers that bring the benefits of precision door position control and smooth noise-free operation. Additionally, the built-in obstruction detection feature acts on even the lightest touch on the doors during closing to prevent hazards.

Sheh Fung Screws – A specialist brand in manufacturing screws. To cater to different needs, their Timber Construction Screws come in 4 different types: Wafer Head, Double Flat Head Sharp Point, Cheese Head, and Double Flat Head Drill Point. There are many dimensions and lengths available as well to provide a variety of choices to their customers.

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