Six Taiwanese leading IT service providers led by the Administration for Digital Industries under the Ministry of Digital Affairs (MODA) successfully concluded their 4-day mission to Malaysia. The highlighted event ~Cooperation Seminar held on the 4th of October, attracted over 60 attendees and 60 pre-scheduled one-on-one business matchmaking sessions. These impressive figures once again underscore the robust partnership between Taiwan and Malaysia.

The trade mission was organised by Taiwan’s Institute for Information Industry (III) and the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), and supported by Taiwan’s Administration for Digital Industries, a newly established governmental body tasked with encouraging R&D and cultivating talents in the digital sphere.

According to Betty Hu, Deputy Director General of the Administration for Digital Industries, Malaysia is one of the most digitalized countries in Southeast Asia and present tremendous potential for growth. She hopes to see more cooperation and closer ties formed between the trade partners and create greater value for all stakeholders.

James Chang, Director of Economic Division of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Malaysia, said in his opening address that Malaysia and Taiwan have long enjoyed a strong working relationship on multiple fronts and efforts to bridge the gaps between Malaysia and Taiwan SMEs is a natural step to take.

He expressed his confidence that Taiwanese companies have the know-how to customize their services to suit Malaysian needs and anticipate improved bilateral ties for years to come.

The half-day product talk kicked off with a presentation from YC Holdings Inc about the importance of sustainability in manufacturing, especially in terms of greenhouse gas emissions.

Major markets around the world are tightening their regulations on carbon emissions and exports to the European Union have to comply with stringent carbon emissions standards. Carbon auditing and tracking are becoming increasingly important for companies and YC Holdings offers consultancy and cloud services designed to streamline the process.

With YC’s system, companies can easily track the greenhouse gas emission across their supply chain and generate report instantly.

ECMaker Information Corp presented their HR Cloud system designed to make managing human resources a breeze. The feature-packed system is customized to suit a wide range of requirements and is currently used by many of Taiwan’s biggest companies and organizations.

The cloud-based system can be assessed anywhere in the world and perfectly suited to today’s dynamic work culture.

Smart Ageing Tech showcased its Jubo health monitoring system for elderly care. According to the company, caregivers spend about 60% of their workload on administrative work and looking through nursing records which is extremely inefficiency.

Jubo improves efficiency by cutting down on administrative work so caretakers can focus on caring for their charge. The health data collected by Jubo is sieved through the AI powered network to process information and identify trends before putting the data into the hands of medical professionals and caretakers so they can have the relevant information to provide the best care.

Netown Corporation offered a glimpse of the company’s comprehensive range of elderly healthcare and rehabilitation equipment. Incorporating sensors and software into the rehabilitation equipment takes the guesswork out of any workout session by providing healthcare professionals with accurate and immediate feedback on the rehabilitation process. The equipment also has the ability to adjust intensity in real-time according to the data to maximise efficiency and minimise risks of injuries.

Rounding out the afternoon’s talk was InfoCheetah Limited with its SmartKOL influencer marketing platform. Influencer marketing has become an integral part of any strong marketing campaign but finding the right influencer to work with is not always easy.

SmartKOL provides a one-stop solution by matching businesses to suitable influencers and assists in getting the marketing campaign off the ground. The platform seeks to demystify the influencer marketing for businesses and so they can focus on their core products and services.

After the presentations, the speakers and local business representatives proceeded to engage in 60 pre-scheduled 1-on-1 business matchings to draw the day’s event to a close.


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