Healthcare is a topic that has generated lots of interest lately, and not just because of the COVID-19 pandemic. An aging population, increasing wealth, and demand for care has pushed the healthcare sector into the limelight even before the pandemic in Asia.

In this spirit, the Taiwan Healthcare Pavilion at the Taiwan Expo 2020 in Malaysia online kicked off on November 25. The Malaysia online edition of the Taiwan Expo 2020 saw 200 companies exhibiting, making it the largest and most successful of the Taiwan Expo series this year.

Under the guidance of the Taiwanese Ministry of Health and the coordination of the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), 9 companies participated in the Taiwan Healthcare Pavilion. Among the participants in the pavilion were 6 hospitals, including Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Linkou, Cheng Hsin General Hospital, Buddhist Dalin Tzu Chi Hospital, Changhua Christian Hospital, Taipei Medical University, and National Cheng Kung University Hospital. Joined by them were 3 smart medical companies, including Biotegy, imedtac, and TaiHao Medical. The event introduced some of the newest innovative solutions out of Taiwan including: cardiovascular treatment, the latest proton therapy for cancer, Da Vinci minimally invasive surgery, aesthetic services, smart medical technology, physician training and other innovative medical solutions.

Over the course of the three-day exhibition, more than 70 online healthcare trade meetings were facilitated. Participating hospitals were quoted saying that Malaysian businesses were confident in Taiwan’s medical service technology. Furthermore, they have also consulted on the details of getting medical treatment in Taiwan during the pandemic. Among them, Chulia Biomedical Engineering feels affirmative of Chang Gung Memorial Hospital’s cancer treatment capabilities and specialized surgical techniques.

As the pandemic is still going on, some of their plans include video consultation for second opinions and opportunities for mutual cooperation. Abmanan Biomedical Sdn Bhd, with producing chemical-free skin creams made from fish extracts, hopes to jointly develop dermatological drugs with Chang Gung Memorial Hospital through international medical research. Taihao Medical also introduced their handheld ultrasonic detector, mentioning that Malaysian industry players showed keen interest in. There were also UAE business players who watched the live broadcast of the introduction webinar and would like to meet with the Taiwanese exhibitors for further collaboration. They have also expressed their gratitude towards TAITRA for organizing Taiwan Expo.

Taiwan’s medical industry is well-known for its high-tech precision equipment, professional medical teams and high-quality medical treatments that rivals the best of the world. Their quality has reached world-class standards while maintaining competitive pricing. Nowadays, more and more people from Hong Kong, Macau, Indonesia, the Philippines and Malaysia, and even the United States and Canada seek medical services in Taiwan.

Taiwan’s Ministry of Health and Welfare stated: “Last year’s international medical development was our best year. Although this year has been heavily affected by the epidemic, international medical exchange has not stopped.” In addition to that, the Taiwan National Team has been producing 20 million masks every month to help fight the epidemic since late February. The country has since been opened for international medical care as of August. Currently, more than 200 international patients have travelled to Taiwan for medical treatment, special thanks to Taiwan’s medical institutes for their assistance in saving lives regardless of nation amidst the pandemic. Additionally, Taiwan has also opened up to medical staff to go to Taiwan for long term training since October 1 2020.

Taiwan is the fourth country in the world to implement a hospital evaluation system after the Unites States, Canada and Australia. Besides self-evaluation, 13 of the nation’s hospitals have also passed the JCI international certification. Taiwan not only has world-class medical services, they also have sound long-term care services for the aging society, physician training, medical beauty care products and smart medical systems. Taiwan Expo in Malaysia online will continue to open and interested companies are welcome to visit the Taiwan Healthcare Pavilion at In addition to the exhibition, you can also watch the introduction webinar at For any information on the healthcare industry, please contact the Kuala Lumpur Taiwan Trade Center at +60 (3) 2031-2388 or email


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