Taiwan Expo is back in Malaysia in 2022 with a hybrid online-offline exhibition, and as per previous years, Taiwan Expo will be presenting some of Taiwan’s best companies and their products. The offline physical event will be held at the Vanity Atrium of Sunway Velocity Mall from the 2nd to 7th of August while the online matching runs from the 2nd of August to 2nd of September.

Amongst variety innovations from Taiwan, visitors can get up close with Taiwan Excellence Pavilion comprising 3 main categories, including smart living, future education and healthcare from 18 Taiwanese companies.

Novium Taiwan Inc. is one of the participating firms and this young brand that was established only in 2019 has already made a name for itself with its gravity defying Hoverpen. In fact, the company’s amazing Interstellar Edition Hoverpen is the world’s first object capable of maintaining its 23.5-degree hover without electricity input and seeing it in action is nothing short of magical.

Designed and made in Taiwan, the Hoverpen had already garnered several international patents and design awards. It makes for a perfect conversation starter and has even been featured in many popular Korean TV series.

To date, the Hoverpen is sold in more than 70 countries and has proven to be a popular gift during the holiday seasons. Novium is continually pushing the envelop of creativity and is confident that it will continue to bring interesting products never before seen in the market.

The company is looking for distributor in Malaysia with a keen understanding of the market to collaborate to grow the brand here.

Big Good Design Co., Ltd. is another innovative company and is bringing to the exhibition its VAGO portable vacuum compressor. One of the most effective ways to increase the number of clothing items one can pack in the suitcase is to seal the clothes in a vacuum pack. Simply pack your clothes in the bag, suck out the air using a household vacuum cleaner before sealing the pack. This method can reduce the volume by more than 50% which in turn massively increase your luggage space.

However, creating the vacuum when the traveller is already on the road has always been one of the biggest issues as it is not always easy to get a vacuum cleaner. Not anymore as VAGO is the solution to this problem.

Measuring only 7cm in length and weighing only 77g, this diminutive vacuum compressor is easy to carry but packs a punch. VAGO is robust enough to stand up to the rigours of traveling yet light enough to carry anywhere. VAGO is powered through its Micro USB connector which ensures that users will have no issue using it anywhere around the world.

VAGO has won numerous awards and Big Good Design is looking to expand into other related areas such as home products and food storage solution. For this exhibition, the company is searching for partners to develop the market in Malaysia.

Taiwan Expo is part of Taiwan’s New Southbound Policy to foster better relationships with Southeast Asia partners. Malaysia is the first stop for this year’s event before moving on to Thailand and Indonesia.

The Hoverpen and VAGO travel vacuum pump are a snapshot of the innovative products visitors will be able to experience for themselves at Taiwan EXPO.

The offline physical exhibition of Taiwan EXPO in Malaysia 2022 will be held in Sunway Velocity Mall Kuala Lumpur from the 2nd to 7th of August. Click here to visit ‘TAIWAN Excellence’ Facebook page to get more information or contact the Taiwan Trade Center in Kuala Lumpur at +60 (3) 20312388 or drop an email to kl@taitra.org.tw


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