SR Technics, part of the Mubadala Aerospace MRO network, is preparing to add a component repair shop in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to supplement the company’s existing repair network in Switzerland, Spain and Abu Dhabi. The facility, which will open in Q4 2013, will place SR Technics closer to its customers in Asia Pacific and supports the growth of its Integrated Component Services (ICS) business.

As part of this project, many labor-intensive component repairs will be focused in Malaysia. This will free up the resources of the company’s experienced Zurich team to develop new component capabilities and technologies on existing and emerging platforms in airframes and engines whilst also focusing on expanding capacity for know-how intensive, high-tech repairs through in-sourcing.

The majority of the employees for the new facility will be drawn from the Malaysian market and will undergo a three-month on-the-job training program at SR Technics’ Zurich facility. The training will ensure that SR Technics’ exacting quality standards are maintained wherever a component is repaired.

In addition, a senior management team from the component shops in Switzerland will move to Malaysia to oversee the project further cementing service quality and reliability standards.



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