Companies do their best to recruit talented employees, but what happens once the offer letter is signed? The time between your new hire agreeing to join you, and his / her first day is crucial but often neglected.

With the number of unemployed individuals on the upswing after being laid off due to COVID-19 economic impact, a growing number of individuals are looking for jobs. In the weeks and months to come, once the economy recovers, companies will begin the battle for talent once more. This means a lot of “first days on jobs”, and a lot of time and money that will be spent to speed up processes to be able to have new hires “hit the ground running”.

What if companies can reduce the time taken for new hires to reach their full potential? While reducing turnover, and encouraging employees to stay with the organisation for a longer tenure?

Onboarding is a growing trend in human resources management that goes beyond a simple orientation or completing forms — it is a process that is intended to reduce the amount of time required for new employees to familiarise themselves with the company’s and their team’s overall culture, values, and goals — and their part in everything. The shorter the time spent on the learning curve, the faster a new hire is productive. Whether a new joiner is coming onboard to a large MNC, a lean startup, or a new division within a large conglomerate, every employee and every second counts.

Start with a smile

A successful onboarding process starts from the hiring process itself. By engaging new joiners before their start date, you’re able to create a sense of ‘already-being-part-of’ the company even before they step into the office on their first day. So often we hear of friends or family, or even ourselves feeling out of the place when we walk into a new organisation on our first day of work. No one likes feeling lost or ill at ease.

At one glance you can have an overview of the number of new joiners you have on your list, or pending tasks, or even tasks that are overdue

Imagine instead a new joiner knowing exactly who he / she will be meeting and speaking to on Day One, without awkward introductions or wandering around looking for the right person — because they’ve already gotten to know each other.

Imagine a new joiner knowing exactly where to get his / her laptop and ID tag, and any other requirements for the job.

Imagine a new joiner not having to rush to the HR department to complete a form for banking and EPF details.

Imagine a new joiner excited to start his / her journey with you, looking forward to walking into the office, knowing exactly who to meet (and where and when) for briefings over coffee, lunch, tea, and formal meetings or trainings in between.

What would that person tell his / her friends and family?

“My new company is AMAZING!”.

And that is great employer branding – internally and externally.

Ahead of the curve

New hires are always required to complete basic paperwork. So why not get a head start with smart software like BrioHR’s, which automates the entire process from the moment the candidate is confirmed as a hire?

Clear reminders, a collaborative model, and complete transparency enable companies to ensure that everything is in place for the new recruits — every step can be monitored to verify that all parties involved have what they need to succeed.

It’s in the details

BrioHR’s New Joiner Onboarding module has integrated communications, facilitating interactions between new hires and the company, and comes with checklists for new employees, HR, and hiring managers that provide a smooth start to every new relationship.

Showcase your company at its best! You can even include videos (e.g. welcome messages, introductions to the company culture) for your new hire when they begin their Onboarding process

Companies can customise all the necessary information that new employees need to know about the workplace and the culture, so that by the time they come in on their first day they already know quite a lot about the organisation.

By easily transferring all the employee’s required personal information from the Recruitment process through to Onboarding and Digital Employee Files, HR and new employees save time on admin (and your new joiner will be impressed with how integrated and seamless your processes are). Time saved on admin and paperwork means more time available for getting down to business, and more time for delivering results. And the best part? It’s all achievable with a single click.


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