A new programme by The LearningHub Asia enables business executives to process information more effectively. A specialist global edication group, The LearningHub Asia has developed the Soundway Efficient Speed Reading programme for business executives. The programme enables executives to absorb reading material much faster than their current pace, while retaining and processing that information more effectively.

The Soundway Efficient Speed Reading programme is a one-day programme that helps executives erase poor reading habits permanently, replacing them with research-based and market-tested reading methods using fun, engaging videos, games and exercises in a relaxing yet stimulating environment designed to help participants better grasp the concepts taught.

“One of the major issues affecting executives today is time management. A part of this problem arises from the fact that there is just too much information to process. This information includes reports, memos, procedures and current affairs, economic and business news that is changing the business landscape on a global scale. A bulk of that information, in the form of online content, doubles every 18 months,” said Jessica Dang, Chief Operating Officer and Global Head of Training for Soundway Efficient Speed Reading, Memory Enhancement and Study Skills Program at The LearningHub Asia.

“As children, we were taught how to read out loud, one word at a time. When we began to read silently, we were never taught how to do this efficiently and effectively. This is unfortunate, considering some people have the potential to read thousands of words a minute, with practise. Faster reading and comprehension will allow business people to stay on top of their game. It’s a major competitive edge.”

Amongst other benefits, the one-day workshop will enable participants to unlearn slow reading habits, pick up effective memorisation techniques, increase their vocabulary, understand how the brain processes and retains information, research and prepare for presentations more quickly, develop efficient note-taking and summarising skills, and focus better in meetings. All this is targeted at enabling the participants to gain a competitive edge in their respective industries. They will also have access to exclusive online learning material to enable them to build upon their workshop experience after the conclusion of the workshop.

The Soundway Efficient Speed Reading range of programmes are conducted exclusively by The LearningHub Asia, who work with the best minds in the world to design unique and high-impact workshops and learning events. More information is available at http://www.speedreadmalaysia.com.


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