Complete Human Network team. Pictured in the middle in black jacket: Company founder Teh Chai Peng

Complete Human Network (CHN), an enterprise mobility company, has been promoting the implementation of its enterprise Mobility-as-a-Service solution to provide business owners nationwide with greater access to new technology and supplies.

This ensures a continued operational efficiency across industries without compromising the eco-friendly standards that Malaysia aims to achieve moving forward and is in line with growing 21st century green technology and sustainability practices.

CHN’s end-to-end enterprise Mobility-as-a-Service solution allows enterprises to install mobile devices without the fuss of owning and maintaining devices. By implementing this solution, enterprises will be able to save more than 50% of their total cost of ownership.

The solution includes installation service, device customisation, device management, mobile threat defence management, hence an in-house IT team would not be necessary. A complete device lifecycle management would also be provided ensuring that all used devices will be reconfigured and prepared for a second life cycle.

“Partnering with Apple has allowed CHN to manage more than 100,000 Apple devices for enterprises throughout the years without any shortages in physical components and parts,” the company said in a statement.

Although mobile devices have become a necessity, the current purchase trend of mobile devices is not sustainable for the environment, as evident in last year’s collection of 2,283.7 tonnes of electric and electronic waste (e-waste) by Malaysia’s Environment Department (DOE).

CHN noted that its enterprise Mobility-as-a-Service solution model is effective to curb the negative impacts of device purchasing. All devices purchased will be maintained closely in order for it to be used to the optimum while outdated devices will be sold as second-hand devices or be recycled. Enterprises would also have the choice to buy back the devices once the contract finishes.

“The world is on high alert due to e-waste polluting the air, land and water with its toxic chemicals when it is disposed of in landfills. Customer purchasing trends are also ever-changing with most opting for premium experiences and products at affordable prices.

“As an avid believer of the convenience and innovation that technology offers, our aim as a purpose built mobile-first company is to supply businesses with enterprise Mobility-as-a-Service solutions that would be sustainable for both the entrepreneurial and natural ecosystem. Through our solution, we have helped names such as eTiQa and Astro to achieve digital adoption and enhance service delivery to their clients,” said Teh Chai Peng, founder of CHN.

With 10 years in the industry, its reputation has earned them the Asia’s Most Promising SMEs at the Asia Corporate Excellence & Sustainability Awards (ACES) in 2021.  CHN said it has partnered with companies such as Apple, Google, Samsung, Microsoft, HP, Celcom, DiGi and Maxis to provide reliable end-to-end solutions that meet the demand of digitalisation.

Moving forward, CHN looks to help SMEs implement these solutions and achieve effective digital adoption through a sustainable green tech model. To find out more about Complete Human Network, visit


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