The Small and Medium Enterprises Association of Malaysia (SAMENTA) has expressed its view that it stands in solidarity with the thousands of SMEs that are affected by the floods.

“Many of our members have reported severe damage to vehicles, machinery and stocks, some running into millions of ringgit. Our initial estimate is that between 12,000 to 18,000 SMEs are affected by the floods,” said Datuk William Ng, SAMENTA Central chairman in a statement.

In this respect, SAMENTA expresses gratitude to the government for offering up to RM500,000 in soft loan to SMEs affected by the floods through Bank Negara. The association, however, urges the government to take the step further by announcing a three-months interest-free moratorium on repayment of loans for affected SMEs.

The government and police need to ensure the looting of shops and warehouses are not repeated, says Ng

“We also urge the government and police to ensure the reported looting of shops and warehouses are not repeated. We also appeal to insurance companies to process any claim expeditiously, so that we can recover from the floods as soon as possible,” Ng added.

According to him, the disaster has happened at a difficult time for businesses – when the SMEs are only getting back on their feet after the long lockdowns. As such, SAMENTA’s Task Force for the Klang Valley Floods has been activated and started delivering supplies to affected households.

SME owners who have faced damages are encouraged to make a police report and send a copy to so that SAMENTA can assist in coordinating assistance from the various agencies.


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