SME Corp Malaysia and Huawei Exchange a Memorandum of Collaboration on SME AI Program

SME Corporation Malaysia and Huawei Malaysia exchanged a Memorandum of Collaboration (MoC) to jointly develop the SME Adopt and Innovate (SME AI) programme, which is aimed to drive SMEs further into digitalisation by leveraging on Huawei’s digital expertise for a more sustainable growth. In turn, the initiative supports SME Corp. Malaysia’s agenda to facilitate faster rollout of ICT adoption in Malaysia.

Huawei’s Chief Executive Officer Mr. Michael Yuan said, “To be truly digitalized, SMEs must re-think and re-design their businesses by ensuring that their strategies, processes, and infrastructure are aligned and fully integrated to support their digital transformation. Huawei has been actively supporting the vision of digitalization, and with SME Corp. Malaysia we intend to continue collaborating for the benefit of local entrepreneurs and SMEs. In our role, we will provide subject matter expertise, digital solutions and technical support for businesses to incorporate innovative digital solutions, using HUAWEI CLOUD — an open platform and AI Cloud technology”.

“We are confident that HUAWEI CLOUD and AI, coupled with 5G technology will enable SME growth in the digital sphere and towards realizing Digital Malaysia. In this collaboration, both parties will work closely to develop impactful programmes to facilitate SME adoption and innovation in digitalisation initiatives. Bridging programmes as well as a ‘Training-of-Trainers’ programme will be implemented to nurture and groom subject matter experts for advisory roles in digital adoption and innovation for SMEs,” said Encik Noor Azmi Mat Said, Chief Executive Officer of SME Corp. Malaysia.

The train of trainer will enable business advisors of SME Corp. Malaysia and agencies under the Ministry of Entrepreneur Development and Cooperatives to use HUAWEI CLOUD solutions, particularly cloud and AI, to encourage digitalisation among SMEs. Besides providing a matching grant together with Huawei solutions for SMEs to use it in their business under the adoption program, the collaboration will also engage with local digital innovation by using Huawei Cloud and AI to assist SMEs to create their innovative product. Huawei will also help to promote and bundle SME digital solutions from the program to telco.

In 2017, Huawei Technologies and SME Corp. Malaysia signed a Memorandum of Understanding, and both teams have continued their efforts to pave the development journey of Malaysian SMEs. Since then some of their initiatives include building an incubation laboratory program that promotes innovation, workshops on digitalisation, Talent Program to enhance skills on digital competency amongst others.


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