By Varinderjit Singh

Around the Asia Pacific region, smaller, powerful desktop PCs are providing a much-needed alternative for companies aiming to provide performance for a larger workforce, while still keeping office space under control, especially when workplace trends are changing due to millennials and generation Z forming a majority of the new generation of workforce. They prefer a collaborative and mobile work environment and most of them enjoy operating in co-working spaces. As such, flexible workspaces are gaining traction in Malaysia among the multinational corporations, SMEs and entrepreneurs looking to enhance the productivity of their workforce.

For a more efficient use of space, modern offices need to equip their employees with high-performance desktop computers that aren’t too bulky. This calls for a new generation of ultra-portable desktops that deliver space-saving flexibility while also providing upgradeability, simpler management, improved sustainability, and top-notch security.

Balancing performance with flexibility

Desktop PCs continue to be the preferred choice for most organizations when it comes to power and performance. At the same time, they need a device flexible enough to use with a dynamic workforce and changing organizational needs.

High performance is an increasing need in nearly every sector. In education, academics run power-hungry programs such as CAD applications, video editing and data analysis for subjects such as graphic design, engineering, and other STEM subjects. In healthcare, there is an increasing need to process massive quantities of data to diagnose and analyze patients’ conditions.

However, practitioners may also need to move their IT equipment across classrooms or workstations within the premises. Meanwhile, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with limited space look for compact desktops to manage flexible growth, while large enterprises look to small desktops to provide lower maintenance and management costs.

Choosing a compact desktop: must-have features

The ideal lightweight, compact ultra-small desktop can be deployed almost anywhere: under a desk, on a wall or shelf, or within a modular all-in-one monitor. This minimizes clutter on employees’ desks.

High-performing employees prefer advanced processor and memory options and Windows 10 Pro pre-installed. The latest Intel vPro processors allow networked desktop PCs to be discovered, turned on, shut down, repaired and protected remotely, offering proactive and reactive system maintenance and centralized system management for improved reliability and cost-savings.

A compact desktop must also offer the best security available. A single data breach now costs companies US$4 million on average, and can create reputation damage that lasts for years.

Cisco’s 2019 Asia-Pacific CISO Benchmark study reported that 26 per cent of the companies in Malaysia lost more than US$1 million due to cybersecurity breaches, and the number is foreseen continue to rise this year. In practical terms, this requires secure hardware, software, and services that work together to prevent, identify and contain breaches.

The energy advantage 

Many organizations are starting to take advantage of the fact that compact desktops not only save space but are also energy-efficient and readily repaired. As sustainability continues to be a focus, energy consumption in commercial buildings and workplaces is also becoming a major consideration factor when selecting premium office space. Opting for office equipment that consumes less power, such as small form-factor desktops, reduces carbon emissions. Furthermore, unlike laptops with built-in components, using desktop PCs makes it cost-effective to replace a damaged part or to upgrade a monitor, keyboard or graphics chip or add more RAM or storage – which in turn increases the usable life of the device and reduces waste.

What’s next for the compact desktop? This flexible device continues to surprise – its advantages are limited only by the creativity of the user.

Varinderjit Singh is General Manager, Lenovo Malaysia.


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