Cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death globally: more people die annually from cardiovascular disease than from any other cause. With the advancement of medical science today, fatalities from cardiovascular disease are highly preventable given early detection and treatment. Addressing the need for an easy and accurate means of early and timely detection, PT. Makmur Mandiri Mahardika (“PT MM2”), who is the sole distributor of the mobile health devices by Singapore’s EPI Mobile Health Solutions (S) Pte Ltd (“EPI Mobile Health Solutions”) has launched EPI ECG GENGGAM, a mobile electrocardiogram (ECG) recording device capable of measuring one’s heart rhythm, on Friday, 15 March 2013, in Puri Denpasar Kuningan, Jakarta. The EPI ECG Genggam has also received the endorsement from Yayasan Jantung Indonesia or the Indonesian Heart Foundation today.

The EPI ECG Genggam or known as EPI Life in Singapore and other Asian countries is a mobile ECG device that is developed by EPI Mobile Health Solutions. The launch of the solutions in Indonesia is part of an expansion plan for EPI Mobile Health Solutions services in South East Asia.

EPI Mobile Health Solutions will be providing the interpretation of ECG anytime and anywhere for users in Indonesia, via PT ECG Piranti Interpretasi (“PT EPI”). Beyond ECG interpretation, the PT EPI will also provide hospital information, emergency information as well as medical record and other additional services for users to connect with the doctor through the EPI ECG Genggam solution in Indonesia.

ECG records the electrical activity of your heart and is commonly used in the early detection of abnormal heart rhythm and other heart conditions. Based on the cardiovascular disease rates of 7-12% per year in Indonesia, there are potentially 700,000 users in Jakarta that may benefit from EPI ECG Genggam and the ECG interpretation services provided by PT. EPI.

Mr. Eric Loh, CEO of EPI Mobile Health Solutions said “Today marks an important milestone for us as we expand our services into Indonesia. The incidence of heart diseases is a global concern and early detection through proper and timely monitoring will help to prevent fatalities. It is our continuous effort to build and enhance our mobile health solutions infrastructure and services. Our products – both the EPI Life and new generation EPI Mini – have helped many users check their heart conditions, especially when they feel unwell, and provide them the timely advice or facilitation to consult their doctors.”

“We are confident that together with our partner in Indonesia, we will deliver the same high standard of quality service for the people of Indonesia”, Mr Loh continued. Dr. Sonni Nugroho, CEO of PT MM2 said, “EPI ECG Genggam has an accuracy rate of 98% compared to the conventional 12 lead ECG and can be a good way to provide accurate and timely monitoring, particularly in Indonesia where travel time to hospital may be challenging.”

Dr. Santoso Karo Karo Sp JP, a cardiologist from the Indonesia Heart Foundation explained that usually the first 5 minutes when someone felt chest pain or discomfort can be critical. While the discomfort need not always be related to a heart attack and may be due to muscle pain or “Angin duduk”, it is essential and potentially life-saving if such pain can be evaluated through ECG recordings. Through EPI ECG Genggam, ECG can be recorded in just 30 seconds and the interpretation of the ECG will be provided by a team of medical personnel at PT EPI in less than 3 minutes. Such solutions can provide users with the right help and even immediate medical attention including treatment can be made so that more lives can be saved.

EPI ECG Genggam is a multi-lead, single channel ECG device that can record 3 limb leads and 6 chest leads one at a time. The device is also a mobile phone that has integrated functionality for the convenience of the user beyond ECG monitoring.


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