The design industry in Singapore was given a shot in the arm with the launch of its very own Singapore Good Design Mark, known as the “SG Mark”.

Officially launched by Mr Tai Lee Siang of the Design Business Chamber Singapore (DBCS) and Mr Robert M Tomlin, Chairman of the Design Singapore Council (Dsg), the SG Mark is a benchmark of good design and quality.

Modelled after Japan’s prestigious Good Design Mark (G Mark) and managed by DBCS in co-operation with the Japan Institute of Design Promotion (JDP), the SG Mark will have the same stringent set by Japan’s Good Design Award (G Mark).

Dsg has engaged Design Business Chamber to work within the framework of the Memorandum For Cooperation on Design Collaboration and Exchange between the then Ministry of Information. Communication and the Arts of the Republic of Singapore and Ministry of Economy. Trade and Industry of Japan.

“Design has much potential to transform society and economy through innovation. With the launch of SG Mark, we want to enable a new level of awareness about the importance of design as a driver of products and services growth in Singapore. Without abundant resources and a low-cost base, the Singapore economy has to innovate to produce regional and global champions,” said Mr Tai Lee Siang, DBCS’ new President.

Mr Tai added, “By collaborating with JDP – a world-renowned and well-respected champion of good design, we believe that SG Mark will be able to increase competitiveness and make significant long-term contributions to the smart, sustainable and inclusive growth of Singapore products and services and pursuit of a better quality of life for all in the community. With the support of Design Singapore Council (DSg), we are confident of galvanizing positive response to the SG Mark from companies and individuals in Singapore.”


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