TDCX (NYSE: TDCX), a renowned provider of digital customer experience (CX) solutions catering to technology and blue-chip companies, has achieved noteworthy recognition as an ‘Outstanding Partner’ at the Singapore Airlines’ (SIA) CEO Service Excellence Awards 2023.

This marks the third consecutive year that TDCX has been honoured with this accolade, underscoring the company’s steadfast commitment to embodying SIA’s service vision and delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Angie Tay, group chief operating officer and executive vice president at TDCX, said: “As the COVID-19 travel restrictions were gradually lifted, many people took to the skies to catch up with loved ones, seek out new experiences and drive commerce.

“The strong demand for travel meant that airlines were met with a huge increase in customer queries and requests. Coupled with the challenges faced within the air transport industry, the responsibility fell on CX teams to maintain the brand and customer satisfaction while navigating the fast-changing travel rules and regulations.

“In these times, having a trusted partner who is agile enough to scale its operations in response to fluid business requirements can be a game-changer for companies.We are honored by this recognition from SIA.

“We are thankful for SIA’s continued confidence in us and the strong partnership from their team. We look forward to continuing our long-time partnership and to help them elevate their brand through industry-leading CX.”

Empowering SIA’s CX Vision to Soar

Central to TDCX’s ability to support SIA’s customer-centric service delivery approach is its expertise in talent management. To foster in-depth domain knowledge, TDCX assembles its CX team with experts possessing backgrounds in the airline and travel sectors.

The company also adopts a data-driven approach to CX delivery, ensuring real-time visibility into top customer queries during peak travel periods and seasonal marketing campaigns. This information is promptly integrated into its knowledge base, minimising the lag time between issue identification and equipping its agents with the requisite information.

TDCX’s solutions have reduced customer handling time for SIA by an impressive 27 percent. Moreover, it has achieved a remarkable customer satisfaction score of 90 percent, surpassing the 85 percent target.

Presently, TDCX caters to SIA’s customers through a comprehensive service platform, allowing customers to interact with the support team through their preferred channels, including email, chat, customer service hotlines, and video conferences.

For further insights into how TDCX has played a pivotal role in advancing SIA’s transformative CX journey, please visit: TDCX Case Study – SIA CX Transformation


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