As a business owner, you need to express prestige so everyone knows you’re in charge at a glance. How else will you gain clients’ trust with just one meeting? Or inspire a dedicated workforce to reach beyond individual goals? Or earn the respect of peers and rivals alike?

While a large portion of that has to do with your skills and knowledge, the other piece of the puzzle is how others view you. And what better way to appear impressive than with our Prime Minister’s favoured sedan, the Toyota Camry? Here are four reasons owning the Camry shows that you’re the boss.

Exhibits a Powerful Drive

The journey of an entrepreneur is a long one, full of trial and tribulation. It takes more than bursts of motivation to make it big. Financial pressures give way to winning business pitches which give way to staffing issues and so on. Peaks and valleys will come and go, but what needs to remain is your determined drive to move towards your goals. A drive to go the distance, to go above and beyond, come what may.

The Camry extends that drive to the road with its 2.5L Dynamic Force Engine. With 209PS and 253Nm of torque, it truly puts the power in your hands whether you’re cruising down the highway or taking a corner. And the Camry keeps the momentum going with a Direct Shift 8-speed Automatic Transmission. It’ll be one of the smoothest transitions of power you will ever experience.

Puts Forth a Confident Persona

Confidence is key in every aspect of entrepreneurship. Confidence that your product or service will make a difference in your field. Confidence that gets investors’ nodding in agreement when you pitch your business plan. Confidence that gets clients signing deals for years to come.

The Camry gives you confidence in every move you make with the Toyota Safety Sense. This full suite of safety features prioritises your safety on the road so you never have to second guess your actions. It even has the Rear Cross Traffic Auto Brake (RCTAB) and Intelligent Clearance Sonar (ICS) so you can sense anything that may not be in view and reverse your Camry without worry.

Has a Keen Attention to Detail

It’s the little things that can have the most impact. The importance of having an eye for detail begins even before starting your business. The capability to notice what is lacking in the current market so you can fill that need. This carries over to delivering perfection to clients who expect it. And noticing the details means you always know what needs to be done to improve your business processes.

The Camry caters to your desire for details with a strikingly designed exterior. Its bold front design catches the eye instantly with an intricately crafted grille and alluring edges.

At a closer look, the new 18” alloy rims possess a dynamic complexity courtesy of the dark twisted spokes that complement the glistening silver spokes. The new ornamentation within the dashboard is another sight to behold. It combines different textures, fine stitching and silver detailing that accentuates the beauty of the interior.

Possesses Great Versatility

Everyone knows that adaptability is key for an entrepreneur in their unpredictable business journey. Many elements of your business can evolve or change. Trends come and go. And we’re all familiar with how global events can turn everything on its head. The important thing is being able to ride the waves as they come and come out on top.

The Camry provides convenient features that put you in control of the situation, always. Paddle shifters and a Drive Mode Switch allow you to change up how you drive your Camry to your liking. The Power-reclining Rear Seat allows you to sit back and relax with a comfortable 8-degree recline angle whenever you need a moment of respite. It even gives you the option of connecting your mobile device to the vehicle’s audio-visual system if necessary.

Take the Wheel for Yourself

Now that you know how much the Camry matches you as an entrepreneur, there’s only one thing left to do. Visit your nearest Toyota showroom to meet your most compatible business partner.


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