(Left to right) Edward Wong from HomeDecoStore, Mohd Zaid from Lampu Cherita, and Eugene Lo from Mamami Shoppe

The highly anticipated documentary, “Shopee Rai Lokal,” made its debut at the Shopee Super Awards 2023, held at the Majestic Hotel in Kuala Lumpur. The film, which chronicles the journeys of three local sellers who have achieved remarkable success in the e-commerce landscape, was met with enthusiasm at the prestigious event.

Kenneth Soh, Shopee’s Head of Marketing, described the documentary as a “love letter to Malaysian entrepreneurs.” Soh emphasized the intent to remind Malaysian consumers of the human stories behind online storefronts and the significant impact these sellers have on communities. He highlighted the documentary as a testament to the intelligence, resilience, and values of local entrepreneurs.

“Shopee Rai Lokal” offers an inspiring and thought-provoking exploration of the challenges and triumphs faced by sellers in their quest for success in the online marketplace. The film features in-depth interviews with three prominent Malaysian sellers: Edward Wong of HomeDecoStore, Felicia Tan of Mamami Shoppe, and Mohd Zaid of Lampu Cherita. These entrepreneurs share personal stories of overcoming obstacles, starting small, and achieving sustained growth in their respective fields.

Produced in collaboration with award-winning indie filmmaker Khairil M. Bahar, known for his acclaimed works such as “Ciplak,” “Relationship Status,” “Cuak,” and “Kickflip,” this documentary marks Shopee’s inaugural film project in Malaysia. Khairil’s expertise in storytelling adds depth and authenticity to the narratives, providing viewers with a unique glimpse into the lives of these entrepreneurs.

Kenneth Soh expressed the hope that sharing this documentary would inspire others to pursue their dreams online, making it easier for Malaysians to support local businesses by spotlighting standout sellers and capturing their compelling stories.

Shopee Super Awards 2023, an annual e-commerce industry event held in Kuala Lumpur, celebrated the achievements of 100 beloved brands, homegrown sellers, and outstanding talents that exhibited exceptional growth in online sales. The award winners excelled by actively participating in Shopee’s upskilling programs, attending courses on Shopee University, networking at Shopee Seller Summit, utilizing Shopee Marketing Solutions, and engaging in educational KOL masterclasses.

The documentary introduces viewers to the stories of HomeDecoStore, Mamami Shoppe, and Lampu Cherita, emphasizing their resilience and dedication to success in the online marketplace.

Edward Wong, founder of HomeDecoStore, discovered his entrepreneurial calling on Shopee after the pandemic forced a career change. Teaching himself the intricacies of running a startup, he found success with unique products like the mini sejadah (prayer mat), symbolizing Malaysia’s cultural diversity.

Felicia Tan, founder of Mamami Shoppe, established the company in 2008 as a tribute to her mother’s teachings on healthy living. The transition to e-commerce in 2017 marked a significant milestone, enabling the company to connect with health-conscious consumers across Malaysia.

Mohd Zaid of Lampu Cherita, after years of searching for his true calling, found his passion for candle making. Despite challenges like floods and financial constraints, he persevered, using storytelling and Shopee Live to connect with customers.

“Shopee Rai Lokal” is part of Shopee’s commitment to spotlight local sellers and promote buying local. The documentary series aims to drive greater inclusion in the marketplace and leverage technology to build communities. The stories of these entrepreneurs exemplify the transformative power of e-commerce in shaping the success of Malaysian businesses.


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