Invest Selangor has launched the Selangor Business Hub (SBH) in its effort to provide a virtual networking platform for businesses in the state and curb the economic contraction due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Selangor Business Hub is expected to provide another channel of communication for businesses to engage and network with stakeholders, especially from the region, despite the movement restrictions due to the pandemic. Dato’ Teng Chang Khim, Selangor State Executive Councillor, said the initiative shows that Selangor will always be forward-thinking to ensure the SMEs will adapt to the new norms of doing business. “Selangor is not hibernating and waiting for the crisis to be over. We plan to move up the value chain, to lead in finding a way out of the pandemic by using digitalisation as a tool.” he added.

The SBH comprises three key components which includes the Invest Selangor Investment Promotional Programmes, a portal that hosts all virtual conferences and webinars organised by Invest Selangor and virtual meetings with potential partners or investors across the region. The second component, the Virtual Selangor International Business Summit, is an alternative online format of the annual Selangor International Business Summit (SIBS) and consists of Selangor International Expo (SIE), Selangor ASEAN Business Conference (SABC) and Selangor Smart City and Digital Economy Convention (SDEC). The third component, the Selangor Information Technology and ECommerce Council (SITEC) Virtual Hub, is an information and webinar hub for programmes conducted by SITEC, to expand the reach to the international audience.

The initiative augurs well to enable Selangor to achieve its vision to become a premier regional smart state in ASEAN by 2025.


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