The recruitment process has always been long-winded. The talent pool for skilled labour is large and expansive. Potential recruits are no longer limited to the local talent pool due to globalisation. It is now possible to tap into the potential offered by the foreign workforce, expanding the options that companies have. Therefore, pre-employment screening is more important than ever.

Any employer can be overwhelmed with the number of resumes received for an open position. It can be difficult to determine one that sticks out. A background check determines the accuracy of information provided by an applicant. It also helps paint a picture about the applicant beyond what is on paper or discovered in a short interview.

There have been reports of increasing cases of fake qualifications among people of top positions coming to light. This results in more people taking the extra mile to conduct extensive background checks. This ensures that qualifications and skills match the job descriptions and creates a healthier working environment within an organisation.

While it may be time consuming and difficult, conducting a background check on potential recruits is essential to weed out those with fraudulent qualifications. This ensures that only the most qualified and deserving individuals receives a posting.

Verity Intelligence Sdn. Bhd., has provided Malaysians a solution for employer’s screening needs. With the launch of Verity’s service, employers now have quick and simple online system that can help verify whether their potential hires are the real deal.

Individuals may conduct self-checks regularly. As a job seeker, a background verification enhances one’s credibility as a prospective employee. The platform also helps SMEs to screen potential employers and for homeowners to verify the future tenants.

These background checks include verifying a person’s identity, checking for criminality / integrity, checking for credit default, and information on past or ongoing civil litigations and other critical integrity checks.