Perusahaan Saudee Sdn. Bhd. showcases 5 premium products at MIHAS 2013.  The products are as follows: Saudi Gold Bratz-Grill Chicken Bratwurst 1 kg, Saudi Gold Jumbo Burger, Saudi Gold Chicken Scallops, Saudi Gold Top Choice Swiss Scallops and Saudi Gold Top Choice Rabbit burger.



Perusahaan Saudee is one of the major meat based food production company in Malaysia with one of the most recognized brand names in the local food industry.  Their main businesses are the production, distribution and marketing of chicken, beef and trading food items.

The business products are such as Chicken and Beef which includes processing of raw chicken and beef into fresh, frozen and value-added chicken and beef products and logistics operations to move products through their supply chain cycle.  Trading of food items include procurement of both raw chicken and beef cut, as well as processed potato based product.  Their trading items are either marketed and sold in original form or re-packed.

Sinaria, Saudee’s parent company also has other allied product businesses.  Their flour based business includes processing of flour into value-added products such as pita bread.  This segment also includes other related products such as frozen cakes and biscuits.

Saudee products are marketed domestically to food retailers, foodservice distributors, restaurant operators, hotel chains and non-commercial foodservice establishments such as schools, healthcare facilities, the military and other food processors as well as to international markets.

Louis Tan Leong Chuin, Chief Operating Officer of Perusahaan Saudee says:”Our food products compete with those of other frozen food producers and manufacturers in Malaysia.  Additionally, our food products also compete in markets around the South East Asian region.”

“We have primarily concentrated our sales to the local market.  We are in a unique position to leverage upon our understanding and familiarity with the regional taste profile, our focus will be in the South East Asia region for future business expansion.  We, however, will continue to evaluate growth opportunities in other countries as well.  We have made headway in that direction in fiscal 2012 with sales to Indonesia.”


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