The Sabah government is committed to assist Bumiputera entrepreneurs to become contractors who are truly successful and credible, said Assistant Minister of Resource Development and Information Technology Datuk Hamisa Samat.


She said as of this month, a total of 1,184 participants had attended the contractor course, compared with 1,038 participants in the same period last year.

She said the government had also provided various facilities and specialities to encourage Bumiputera participation in trade and industry.

“Among the resources used to maintain them in this industry are modernisation of work system which involves improvement in technology, development of an efficient information system, strengthening human resources, improvement in work quality as well as prioritising customers,” she said.

Hamisa said this in her speech at the closing ceremony of the civil engineering works contractor course here Thursday.

She hoped the course would be able to produce more credible Bumiputera contractors.

“Every contractor carries a huge responsibility and mandate to ensure the success of the government’s goals to create a trade and industrial community that are viable, resilient and competitive under the National Development Policy.

“They must also ensure that the projects that have been distributed are completed well,” she said, while urging the contractors to broaden their skills in various businesses or in the sectors that they are involved in.


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