The President of the Malaysian Rubber Glove Manufacturers Association (MARGMA), Denis Low said the industry would step up productivity to cater to increased requirements for protective medical gloves in view of Covid-19. “The COVID-19 has heightened its intensity going by the number of countries being affected and the death toll is rising too. As Malaysia is the largest manufacturer of rubber medical gloves, we shall re-strategize to ensure supply is adequate, at least to those severely affected areas.”

In response to the two weeks Movement Control Order from March 18 to 31 to deal with the rise in COVID-19 cases, MARGMA believes the intentions to be good and timely to ensure better containment of this rampaging. In this same vein, the Rubber Glove Industry (RGI) will need to continue to produce medical and surgical gloves which are very essential and critical items in the fight against the Coronavirus.

Low said MARGMA and its members play significant roles in providing essential protective gear during this pandemic. Malaysia is the leading producer of medical gloves and supplies almost 65% of global demand and exports to 190 countries globally.

Low added that the Association is seeking the Government’s understanding that the service providers and raw materials and packaging suppliers to the Rubber Glove Industry to be allowed to operate as without the raw materials, chemicals, and packaging materials, freight and logistics services, it would be impossible for gloves to be produced. He said any halt of the production and administrative segments of the industry would mean an absolute stoppage to glove manufacturing.

MARGMA expects the World’s demand for natural and synthetic rubber medical gloves to be about 345 billion pieces this year against 298 billion in 2019. Malaysia is looking to export about 65% or about 225 billion pieces or more depending on the spread and duration of COVID-19.


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