The Rockwills Group, the leading wills and trust specialist in Malaysia and Singapore, is setting its sights on the Indonesian market for possible expansion of its estate planning business. Rockwills Group Managing Director Saw Leong Aun said the possibility emerged with interested parties in Indonesia exploring a collaboration with the Rockwills Group.

A leading wealth educator and wealth adviser in Indonesia, Tri Djoko Santoso, recently led a group of 25 Indonesian financial and wealth planners in a familiarisation meet with Rockwills at its Training Centre at Pearl International Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, to gain insights of estate planning and its potential.

Rockwills arranged an Estate Planning Forum for the Indonesian visitors in which Saw provided them with an introduction to Rockwills and an overview of the estate planning business in Malaysia and Singapore. A briefing on the Islamic Estate Planning practice in Singapore & Malaysia was also provided by Rockwills Malaysia Deputy Chief Executive Officer Azhar Iskandar Hew. And Rockwills Singapore Chief Executive Officer Lee Chiwi then took the visitors through how wills and trusts will help Indonesian clients.

Also insightful for the Indonesians was hearing the personal success story of Rockwills Top Estate Planner for 2016, Mr Chong Mok Yong, a senior Rockwills Estate Planner. Chong, who has been in the banking industry for 18 years and retired as Senior Manager, Treasury and Capital Market in a local bank, joined Rockwills in 2008 and has personally helped testators draw up 4,000 wills and set up 27 trusts.

Saw said Tri Djoko, who is Independent Commissioner at PT Alto Network and also Founder and Chief Executive Officer of PT LN Amanah, was excited about the prospects for estate planning and showed interest in taking the exploratory collaboration to another level as the potential in Indonesia is also very big.

“Both Rockwills Malaysia and Rockwills Singapore are open to opportunities to open up the new market and it helps when there are interested local parties to provide the essential local and on-the-ground knowledge for a winning combination with our expertise and experience in trailblazing estate planning,” he added.

However, a more in-depth study will have to be made particularly on the laws governing estate administration and estate distribution in Indonesia, Saw said.
Rockwills pioneered professional will writing in 1995 and has since evolved into the leading estate planning specialist in the country. In the 22 years, it has built a team of professional Rockwills estate planners, introduced retail trust, and raised widespread awareness among the public. It has offices throughout Malaysia and Singapore with a representative office in New Zealand. It has a record of over 180,000 wills written and trusts set up. It holds over RM8 billion worth of assets under trust.

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