Fishermen in the country no longer need to be confused about where to sell their fish for good prices as they can now monitor which fish auction centers offer the best prices for their fish.

With smart-TV sets in 11 fish auction centers across the country, fishermen can get information related to weather forecasts as well as fish price fluctuations in real time.

Yan Winatasasmita, chairman of the Indonesian Fishermen’s Association (HNSI) North Jakarta chapter, said the technology was something that most fishermen had been waiting for.

“Fishermen have so far lived in a shell. They don’t know what fishing regulations are and they don’t know fish prices outside their areas,” he said.

Yan said many fishermen usually sold their catches to auction centers without knowing how much they would be priced.

“With the television sets, fishermen can choose which auction centers will buy their fish at good prices. They can then calculate whether they’ll earn bigger profits to transport their fish to the chosen auction centers,” he said, adding that Jakarta’s fish auction centers usually bought catches at prices 20 percent higher than those in other areas.

Other than Internet-connected TV sets, the 11 fish auction centers are also equipped with WiFi connections, CCTV and signal enhancers provided by state telecommunications firm PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia (Telkom).

The fish auction centers are those of Muara Angke (Jakarta), Muara Baru (Jakarta), Gabeon (Medan, North Sumatra), Bungus (Padang, West Sumatra), Pangandaran (West Java), Pekalongan (Central Java), Cilacap (Central Java), Tegal (Central Java), Brondong (East Java), Tanjung Luar (Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara) and Paotere Sabutung (Makassar, South Sulawesi). —The Jakarta Post


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