As we head into a new decade, we are able to take the time to appreciate all the new developments and innovations of the past ten years. Technology is advancing at a break-neck speed. In 2010, we were all fawning over smartphones, 4K television, and increased workplace connectivity. Now, it is all about automation, AI, IoT, and many other wondrous innovations.

Like all other aspects of business, marketing will evolve alongside these new developments in the coming decade. Here are several game-changing technologies that will reshape the way we do marketing. Many of these will already be familiar to you; but the possibilities within the next ten years are endless.

Early adopters who can leverage these new tools will gain significant competitive advantages, experience astronomic growth, and more likely than not build corporate superpowers.

Big Data, AI, and Quantum Computing
These three big buzzwords are often seen lumped together, and for good reason. The development of these technologies are interdependent on one another. Combined, the potential of these developments are immense. We can already see the synergy between big data and AI. The marketing of many businesses are already utilising the technology to  match marketing campaigns to certain demographics where it will be most effective.

Quantum computing development is also seeing huge leaps in progress. It’s safe to assume that the first commercial applications to emerge from the current research will serve the core functions of the companies at the forefront of their development.

The technological leap that is being driven by this trinity will open up a mountain of possibilities for online marketers, making it far easier to reach customers and enhance the digital marketing ecosystem.

Internet of Things (IoT)
Another piece of technology that picked up steam over the last few years. Beacon technology, 5G, sophisticated sensors, self-driving cars, smart wearables and smart homes all just mark the beginning of a world where almost anything powered by electricity may be connected to each other and with the all-encompassing web, opening up deep-reaching tracking and engagement opportunities for marketers.

To realise the full potential of IoT, marketers will face enormous challenges in implementing holistic, multi-device platforms that can manage all the immeasurably varied and intertwined gadgets and their associated data.

Voice and Virtual Assistants
With the rise of vocal assistant apps such as Alexa and Siri, virtual assistant technology is slowly transforming into a seamless UI that will change the way we find information, consume media, and buy things.

Businesses are already reaping the rewards of proper voice search optimisation and attain significant boosts to their click-through and conversion rates, attributable to greater relevance and less competition on voice search result pages.

For now, marketers should focus on the importance of voice search in SEO. In the future, where IoT becomes a near omnipresent thing, a whole new world of possibilities will open up where marketers can devise entirely new ways to reach consumers through leveraging the emotional connections of the voice.

Augemented Reality (AR)
From the massive convenience of IKEA’s Place app to the magical wonder of Pokemon Go; it is no secret that augmented reality is hitting a chord with consumers. Various e-commerce niches in particular may see significant boosts in sales as the online customer’s hesitation is alleviated by being able to visualise the products with their smartphone from the comforts of their homes.

Furthermore, as more tech giants make interactable AR tech more readily available to the public, it won’t be long before shops and amenities begin to promote themselves in such a fashion.


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