Happy Skin Vietnam is an O2O business in the beauty sector, providing solutions including products & services to help Vietnamese people be worry-free, more beautiful, confident and therefore happier. Established 5 years ago, the company realized a huge potential of Vietnam’s beauty industry, at early stage offering plenty of room to grow vigorously thanks to large young population, modest penetration and consumption and high growth over years. Despite such positive signals, the market has been facing crucial problems, including:

  1. Consumer’s poorly informed decisions due to information asymmetry
  2. Highly fragmented market leads to heavy marketing spending
  3. Lack of high-quality and up-to-date local brands, unlike in more developed markets like Korea or Thailand where local brands contribute up to 40-70 percent

Based on years of building community and accumulating consumers’ feedback and local insights, Happy Skin has developed a step-by-step, full-fledged O2O experience for consumers while addressing market problems:

The core business is EMMIÉ BY HAPPYSKIN, a trusted DTC cosmetics brand focusing on high-function skin care treatment products & home-use beauty devices. The brand values are to 

  • Provide beauty products that satisfy consumer needs (highly local relevance and in line with follow-on services at spas). 
  • Be effective but safe for consumers and friendly to the environment.
  • Facilitate skin care & purchase through a personalized utility app.
  • Offer affordable prices to the community thanks to cutting layers in the value chain. 

The R&D team works with best-in-class manufacturing partners to provide highly efficient, eco-friendly & trendy beauty products with international certification including FDA, CE, RoHS, FCC, for Vietnamese (and Southeast Asian as well) consumers. Our target customers focus on youthful, mainly 20-35 year old, female & male, urban dwellers and active online users who are concerned about skin or having skin problems. Hundreds of products have been sold to the market every year, creating social buzz around best sellers such as facial cleansing brush or Retinol serums. 

Emmié by Happy Skin is the first local cosmetics brand in Vietnam committed to high-function products/devices and well appreciated for every product launched in the market. In 2021, the company keeps introducing more face and body products and innovative beauty devices. 

The company’s OFFLINE SIGNATURE SPAS are among the products’ distribution network. Besides, the spa system acts as a crucial channel for branding and collecting data & requests, to better understand customers’ needs and insights. 

The current two spas in Ho Chi Minh City welcome more than 1.2 thousand customers every month, providing not only facials but skin treatment focusing on acne and hyperpigmentation, and advanced procedures operated by certified doctors, including lasers, mesotherapy, botox, and filler. With two more spas coming in 2021, the company plans to expand to Hanoi and Can Tho to double the service business size.

The online SKINSTORE, is also the in-house ecommerce for retailing and affiliate marketing.

Last but not least, Happy Skin manages a huge loyal and highly-engaged COMMUNITY with approximately 800 thousand fans/subscribers on social media, 2.1 million views per month and a group of 15 thousand of new vloggers/bloggers, 150 thousand app downloads. 

Despite the severe impact of the pandemic, Happy Skin ended 2020 with significant results, Happy Skin has doubled the business and improved its profit, meeting the target as planned, confidently heading to 2021 with another target of over 200 percent growth rate. 


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