The Taiwan Expo 2023 in Malaysia successfully concluded on August 26th in Kuala Lumpur. The theme of this exhibition, “Taiwan-Malaysia Reaching New Heights,” not only symbolized the collaborative efforts of Taiwan and Malaysia but also vividly represented their shared belief and determination for post-pandemic recovery.

The Expo attracted over 15,000 visitors from various sectors over three days, creating business opportunities worth US$82.41 million. The focus of this exhibition was on innovative achievements in the fields of Industry 4.0, Smart Healthcare, Intelligent Lifestyle, Halal, and Circular Economy.

It showcased Taiwan’s high-quality innovative solutions, technology integration systems, healthcare products, and smart home items.

Amid the exhibiting products, solutions related to smart manufacturing and green technology left a strong impression on Malaysian buyers. For example, Zhan Yi Traffic, originally a metal processing company, developed its in-house smart solutions into modular products that can be customized and cost-effective, making digitalization accessible for as low as RM10,000.

This approach is particularly suitable for SMEs, and several system providers vied to become its agents.

Zirco Applied Materials’ heat-insulating film, combined with hardware and software integration services, helped the largest local chain store in cooperation achieve a 30% reduction in energy consumption. This exhibition also attracted one of Malaysia’s top five construction companies for potential collaborations.

In compliance with the Malaysian government’s targeted ban on single-use plastic bags and utensils, eco-friendly products from Taiwan gained the interest of buyers. Notably, Grand-Bonanza has secured distribution agreements for Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei due to the favorable response from Malaysian buyers.

Taiwan’s healthcare services and technology have become a destination for Malaysian residents seeking medical treatment abroad. For instance, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital’s proton therapy and China Medical University Hospital’s VR acupuncture teaching have piqued the interest of many Malaysians.

Meanwhile, several hospitals in Malaysia are undergoing digital upgrades. For example, one of the largest private hospitals in Malacca is interested in partnering with Chunghwa Telecom to introduce electronic patient information boards in hospital rooms.

The demand for medical services has also driven opportunities in related equipment, devices, and health products. For instance, Smedtrum Medical Technology exhibited the Intense Pulsed Light device for collagen regeneration, scar removal, mole removal, and pore refinement, as well as the Diode laser for hair removal – both are Taiwan’s first self-developed and manufactured medical aesthetic laser devices. They are planning overseas expansion, with medical agents scheduled to visit Taiwan for negotiations in November.

Additionally, BioRay Biotech, a first-time exhibitor, chose to use its participation in the Taiwan Expo as a platform for overseas expansion. They showcased a range of health products, including probiotics. According to the BioRay, in addition to gathering market information, potential buyers are planning to place orders for their raw materials, estimating an initial business opportunity of over a million US dollars.

With Malaysia’s Muslim population constituting 60% of the total population, the halal food market is brimming with opportunities. The Taiwan Halal Center has brought high-quality Taiwanese halal food enterprises. One such example is Forever Sweety Sugar (Lao Tao Ke) from Tainan, renowned for its winter melon tea bricks, which received unanimous praise and secured clear purchasing intentions from well-known importers such as Yew Chian Haw and Shinny.

In an effort to further promote Taiwanese halal ingredients, the second Taiwanese Cooking Contest was held during the exhibition. Utilizing 25 Taiwanese halal ingredients, teams from two schools showcased their culinary skills. Ultimately, students from Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) Department of Food Service and Management emerged as champions, impressing the taste buds of renowned international chefs like Chef Jo and Chef Riz. This victory effectively enhanced the image and visibility of Taiwanese halal ingredients.

On the final afternoon of the exhibition, Taiwan Excellence organized an energetic Zumba festival, attended by nearly two hundred people. This event conveyed the spirit of Taiwan Excellence in bringing a better quality of life. With Malaysia’s Zumba official certified instructor (ZIN), Christina, and others leading the way, Malaysians danced together, waving Taiwan Excellence’s red sports towels, elevating the atmosphere to its peak.

This lively Zumba event marked the perfect conclusion to the 2023 Taiwan Expo in Malaysia.

Hosting the Taiwan Expo in Malaysia for the seventh consecutive year not only commemorates the bilateral collaborative achievements across multiple domains but also underscores the shared belief of both peoples in moving forward hand in hand.

Looking ahead, the TAITRA believes that Taiwan-Malaysia cooperation will usher in new breakthroughs in various fields and jointly scale even greater heights. The third leg of the 2023 Taiwan Expo will take place from October 5th to 7th at the Mumbai International Exhibition Centre in India.


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