Pure Storage, the market’s leading independent solid-state array vendor, recently announced a new entry-level model of its flagship purpose-built all-flash storage array, the FlashArray//m10. This new addition to the FlashArray//m family is a complete storage solution for mid-sized IT, as well as an affordable entry point to flash for larger enterprises looking to flash-enable a first key business application.

FlashArray//m10 offers small-to-medium (SME) size enterprises the same simple, reliable and performant storage previously available only to large enterprises. FlashArray//m10 provides SMEs the ability to accelerate business-critical applications, virtualize everything and implement an internal all-flash cloud. Starting at less than $50,000, including a year of support, the FlashArray//m10 enables smaller organizations to run everything on all-flash at an affordable price point.

The economics and simplicity of the new FlashArray//m10 make it the perfect on-ramp to flash for mid-sized enterprises and larger organizations alike. The FlashArray//m10 is fully-upgradable to larger //m20, //m50 or //m70 FlashArrays as the business grows. All FlashArrays benefit from the Evergreen Storage model, only available from Pure, which enable upgrades without disruption or data migration, and which preserve investment along the way. With Evergreen Storage, organizations only purchase their storage once – not over and over.

The FlashArray//m10 provides SMEs with an easy-to-manage, high-availability storage foundation, affordably:

  • Enterprise-Proven Reliability: An enterprise-grade AFA with >99.999 percent availability, and 100 percent performance during maintenance and failures;
  • Transformational Simplicity: A manual that fits on two business cards, Pure1 SaaS-based management at your fingertips, and the new Pure1 mobile app for Android and iOS provide storage that anyone can manage;
  • Capacity to Consolidate Everything: Up to 25 TB of effective capacity (5-10 TB raw storage);
  • No-Worry Performance: All-flash consistent performance, with <1ms average latency, up to 100,000 32K input/output operations per second (IOPS), and 512byte variable internal block size;
  • Easy Expandability: Modular capacity, performance and feature expansions without maintenance windows or data migrations, both within and across product generations. With FlashArray//m and Evergreen Storage, the storage array upgrades and evolves over time around your data, not the other way around.

“This addition to the FlashArray family allows us to provide an entry-level, cost-effective option for companies that want to try purpose-built all-flash for the first time, and accelerate their journey to an all-flash datacenter,” saidMatt Kixmoeller, VP of Products, Pure Storage. “Cost as a barrier to all-flash adoption is a relic of the past. Companies of all sizes can now experience the simplicity, high-performance and reliability that comes with all-flash from Pure.”

The FlashArray//m10 and FlashStack Mini will be generally available in June, 2016.



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