Public Gold,a precious metals trading company in Malaysia and Indonesia, has started the year right with a noble cause called the Gold Charity Program. This charity program is organised by Public Gold in collaboration with Yayasan Prihatin Nasional (Prihatin), whereby part of the total sales from the exclusively minted ‘PRIHATIN Duo Hearts’ series, consisting of one-gram heart-shaped gold wafers, will be donated to Prihatin.

Prihatin is a charity organisation established to organise a variety of charitable activities to help and guide the poor and underprivileged communities, particularly the youths, towards better living through three core segments – education, entrepreneurship and leadership.

It is constantly in need of funds from the public such as individuals, government and non-governmental organisations, to effectively roll out their charitable causes to help communities across the country. Public Gold sees this as a great opportunity to collaborate and contribute back to the society through a meaningful Gold Charity Program.

According to founder and executive chairman of Public Gold Group, Dato’ Wira Louis Ng, “The time has changed. Many decades ago, only older generations were into physical gold products. Gold used to be a gift being passed down from one generation to another, as a form of generational wealth. But now, with the exposure to information on the internet, particularly through gold investment sites and social media, youths have learned the importance of keeping physical gold.”

“At Public Gold, we not only sell physical gold products, we also provide knowledge to guide youths towards better future through financial planning. With the Gold Charity Program,  we can do so much more apart from just raising funds for Prihatin through the exclusively minted ‘PRIHATIN Duo Hearts’ series. We could work together with Prihatin to help more youths understand the importance of keeping physical gold towards a promising future through their existing charitable programs.”

The exclusively minted ‘PRIHATIN Duo Hearts’ series will carry three different wording designs on its certificate – PRIHATIN, Prihatin Charity and Prihatin Kasih. These products are set to attract not just Malaysians, but also communities around the World to buy physical gold for charity, investment, or even personal collection purposes.

With this Gold Charity Program, Public Gold aims to contribute RM200,000 from the sales of the ‘PRIHATIN Duo Hearts’ series, to PRIHATIN to fund their future charitable causes.


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