Provenir, a provider of data and AI-powered risk decision-making software for fintech companies and financial services providers, has announced a strategic partnership with Investree Philippines, the country’s first crowdfunding intermediary and funding platform.

This partnership will allow Investree to integrate Provenir’s data, decision making and AI capabilities to provide accessible and inclusive financing to SMEs.

Globally, the business-to-business (B2B) SME segment is fast-growing, but many SMEs still face several hurdles when it comes to receiving credit. This trend is particularly concerning in developing markets such as the Philippines where SMEs comprise 99.6% of total business establishments in the market and employ 65% of the workforce.

Provenir’s platform provides Investree Philippines with the capability to access, evaluate, and process a wide range of data sources to create accurate risk models, improving the quality of risk assessments and decision-making for financing applicants.

Through the Provenir Marketplace, users can integrate with multiple data sources, such as credit bureaus, fraud detection providers, and social media activity through a single API to provide a comprehensive view of the applicant’s creditworthiness and financial standing.

“Investree Philippines’ innovative crowdfunding model utilises this data and technology to connect SMEs with institutional investors, providing access to financing that may not be available through traditional funding sources.

“Its success has been recognised with a permanent license from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), as well as partnerships with leading organizations like the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) and the Philippine SME Business Expo (PhilSME),” the statement said.

“We recognise the need to accelerate post-pandemic recovery and promote recession resiliency through efficient risk grading of financing applicants,” said Kok Chuan Lim, Co-founder and CEO of Investree Philippines.

“With the integration of Provenir’s platform, Investree Philippines can provide SMEs with a streamlined and more reliable risk decision-making process, enabling them to receive financing faster and more efficiently.

“The partnership with Provenir is a significant milestone for Investree Philippines as we seek to expand our presence in the country with initiatives that aim to empower SMEs. The company remains committed to promoting financial inclusion, providing innovative financing solutions, and fostering partnerships that support the growth of local enterprises.”

“Investree Philippines is playing a significant role in empowering SMEs with a more accessible lending experience,” said Bharath Vellore, General Manager, APAC for Provenir.

“We share this goal and will provide the real-time, on-demand data access, embedded AI, and world-class decisioning technology they need to quickly evaluate risk and provide the critical financing SMEs need to grow and succeed.”


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