Plus Xnergy Services Sdn Bhd (PXS), a subsidiary of Plus Xnergy Holding Sdn Bhd, signed a collaboration agreement with Huawei Technologies (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd, to meet the increasing demand for clean energy solutions for businesses and homes within Malaysia.

“We look forward to building a smart energy ecosystem with Huawei Malaysia for businesses and homes. By working with Huawei Malaysia, we are confident we can provide holistic solutions for businesses and homes to achieve net-zero as early as 2050”, said Ko Chuan Zhen, Group CEO of Plus Xnergy & Executive Director of Plus Xnergy Services.

With Plus Xnergy’s strength as a leading clean energy solutionist and Engineering, Procurement, Construction contractor in Malaysia and Huawei’s strength as a global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, the collaboration aims improve sustainability by expanding clean energy efforts within commercial spaces and households, that will, in turn, contribute to a greener ecosystem.

Huawei Malaysia Digital Power Business Vice President Chong Chern Peng said, “Working with like-minded partners such as Plus Xnergy is essential to realise our carbon neutrality goals. Via this collective effort, we hope to be able to leverage Huawei’s green solutions to improve power generation and consumption with higher efficiency, safety and the inclusion of more sustainable green solutions so that green power can be advocated and extended to the entire society.”

This collaboration is especially timely in light of rising electricity costs for businesses that seek sustainable energy options.

Businesses that adopt clean energy can enjoy lower energy costs as well as reduce their carbon footprints, with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report highlighting that greenhouse gas emissions must peak by 2025 and can be nearly halved this decade in order to limit global warming to 1.5C above pre-industrial levels.

Among its findings, it was revealed that the investments in the shift to a low-carbon world is about three to six times lower than it needs to be by 2030 to limit warming to below 2°C.

With the increasing urgency to decarbonise energy, corporate organisations play a crucial role in leading the energy transition where the adoption of clean energy would certainly accelerate the goal towards net-zero emissions and secure a healthier and cleaner planet.

In light of Malaysia’s contribution to greenhouse gas emissions being only 0.69%, Ko is confident this collaboration with Huawei will certainly accelerate the nation’s carbon neutrality as early as 2050 and ease the nation’s energy transition from fossil fuels to renewables.


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