Veteran business journalist and co-founder of The Sun daily newspaper Philemon H M Soon is pleased to present his recently published book, A Drive For Exellence.

A Drive For Excellence traces the remarkable transformation of a financially-ailing express delivery service company, GD Express Sdn Bhd into Malaysia’s leading express carrier. The book shows how Teong Teck Lean, an electrical and electronic engineer who made his money as an equities dealer in OSK Securities, took an almost bankrupt company and turned it into a multi-million express carrier through a culture of “continuous improvement.”

The book relates the travails of Teong Teck Lean as he put together a team to resuscitate a dying company, evoked a paradigm shift in the workers’ mindset and turned what seemed to be mission impossible into a formidable and successful player in the express carrier industry.

“Teong took pains to explain and elaborate on the many events, some hilarious and some grave, in his journey to become what he is today. He shared with me his pain of losing his mother, who was his mentor and source of strength, when he was a teenager, his angst on discovering the many problems in his takeover of the near-bankrupt GDEX, and his joy of turning around the company against all expectations.” said Philemon during the book launch.

“Indeed, I only hope I can do justice to the wealth of materials that Teong has furnished me, in the course of my many conversations and interviews with him.” he added.

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