Prime Global Finance Corporation (PGFC) — one of the first private lending companies of its type in The Philippines — has recently launched its fully automated and digital loan application process for its clients.

PGFC started primarily to support vendors and suppliers who were doing business with the Hortaleza Group of companies. The late 90s saw an economic crisis where taking a bank loan was not possible and opening up lending to its partners with the ultimate goal of mutual growth led to more business expansions. Fast forward to another recent global crisis, PGFC pushed for another way of doing business — digitalising its processes and service to customers and loan agents.

“To date, PGFC has been especially providing support to micro, small and medium enterprise businessmen, as a stepping stone for businesses to build its credibility and its financial requirements until it is able to move on to acquiring bank financing on its own,” said Alfonso Hortaleza, general manager of PGFC.

“For many years, PGFC has been consistently providing financial support to its clients through its portfolio of loan products such as business loans, housing loans, and personal loans, as well as consumer loans to salaried individuals for personal purposes. These loan products have competitive pricing and come with tailor-fitted repayment terms that match the cash flow of our clients.”

PGFC takes pride in providing faster loan approval processing, simple loan requirements, and cash flow-based repayment on top of very competitive interest rates.

In navigating the complexities of loans, seeking advice from experts becomes paramount. Whether it’s securing a mortgage or financing a business venture, understanding the intricacies of loans can make a significant difference in financial outcomes. Professional advice can shed light on the nuances of interest rates, terms, and eligibility criteria, empowering borrowers to make informed decisions that align with their goals. Platforms like offer invaluable insights and assistance, guiding individuals through the home loan process with expertise and transparency.

By leveraging the expertise of professionals, borrowers can mitigate risks and optimize their financial strategies. Whether it’s analyzing repayment options, assessing affordability, or exploring alternative financing solutions, expert advice provides a comprehensive roadmap towards achieving financial objectives.

By emphasising efficiency through digitalized processing of loans, PGFC also recently launched its very own Loan Agent Portal that enables its loan agent partners to efficiently assist and monitor their clients’ end-to-end journey, from application submissions to loan releasing. It also provides its loan agents with the best commission program for a financially gratifying partnership.

“With the digital transformation of PGFC, we saw over a thousand additional applications and almost a thousand more loan agents, growing our business by 150% versus the past years. The push for a wider- base reach, enabling online loan applications anytime, anywhere, and shortening the application processing revolutionized the way we do business and financing for more Filipinos,” said Rico Dela Cruz, president of PGFC.

PGFC plans to have a nationwide reach in the next 5 years. “As a dynamic organisation, we have learned that in order to survive any crisis, we must become an agile team that can pivot at any given time and builds on whatever platforms that are made available to us,” said Dr Rolando B. Hortaleza, CEO of PGFC.


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