MDeC Americas President Dato’ Dan E. Khoo (right) Mr. Aki Ohashi, Director of Business Development, PARC, a Xerox Company exchange mementos at the launch.

PARC, a Xerox company, and the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), through its United States entity MDeC Americas Inc, on 3 November 2016 announced a new program to offer innovation training, certification and deep dives for Malaysian organizations seeking Silicon Valley-style innovative practices. The joint Silicon Valley Innovation Program (SVIP) is an open innovation program for Malaysian digital companies to accelerate the adoption of innovation practices and launch breakthrough technologies, while catalyzing Malaysia’s transition to a fully developed digital economy.

“MDEC is committed to facilitating the growth of innovative companies bringing digital solutions to market based on technologies such as big data analytics, data centre and cloud, e-commerce and Internet of Things, among many others,” said Dan E. Khoo, President, MDeC Americas, Inc. “From its deep technologically oriented workforce and digitally savvy consumer and business markets, to its advanced broadband and mobile infrastructure,  the Malaysian tech ecosystem is poised to take advantage of learning from and deploying Silicon Valley insights and innovation. Working with PARC adds a level of expertise and experience that gives our diverse community the ability to disrupt various industries in our region and the global markets in which they operate.”
SVIP is a multi-tiered innovation and technology development program, giving Malaysian companies the needed insights to accelerate the adoption of Silicon Valley innovation practices. The joint program offers a range of services, from focused innovation training workshops to full innovation journeys designed to solve an organization’s existing business problems while embedding best practices throughout the organization.
“The digital transformation is well under way around the world and it’s touching many industries in profound ways,” said PARC CEO Stephen Hoover. “Existing organizations don’t want to be left behind by massive technology disruption taking place now. Of course, businesses are looking to meet the needs of customers who are becoming more digitally demanding and have digital expectations. We look forward to working with MDeC to help Malaysian companies innovate and offer breakthrough products and services to serve customers in new ways.”
The SVIP gives Malaysian companies a window into PARC’s approach to innovation and the design process, and offers a deep understanding of how the innovation process works within an organization, ultimately helping to offer new products and services to customers. The collaboration offers Malaysian companies the benefit of MDEC’s ecosystem and local political and cultural experience in enabling a network for collaboration and inspiration, and developing compelling content. PARC offers its deep expertise in key technology research areas, IP, and strategic innovation processes, taking advantage of PARC’s research scientists and executives.
PARC’s User Experience researchers help clients discover end user needs in order to ensure technology solutions are designed to meet them. PARC helps organizations reduce go-to-market risk by validating critical unknowns at early stages of technology exploration. The innovation center’s
multidisciplinary approach offers a broad approach, yet, it has deep expertise in technology areas including machine learning, data analytics, computer vision, deep learning, printed electronics, artificial intelligence, and more, as well as understanding vertical markets including healthcare, transportation, IoT, smart cities, etc. PARC has built its innovation best practices capability in training and consulting, offering clients a way to get started.


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