HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 9 November 2020 – The 6-month IFY (International Foundation Year) is a whole new programme co-launched by Oxford International Sixth Form College and NCUK on top of the standard 1-year equivalent, providing a fast-track university pathway with guaranteed university offers from NCUK’s partner universities. Students in Hong Kong who took HKDSE 2020 could join the programme in the UK and may enter UK universities in 2021.

Having expertise in running IFY programmes, Oxford Sixth Form College has helped numerous students around the world to successfully admitted to renowned universities in the UK and overseas through the 1-year IFY. This year, the College is launching an all-new 6-month IFY with the same focus on UK learning and preparation for degree-level study for students. Having the programme shortened, students not only could study under a short-term study visa, but could also drastically lower boarding cost from 1 year to 6 months. Besides, students enrolling this IFY have access to Oxford Union as well as College clubs and activities.

The 6-month IFY Programme combines coursework and exams, and provides the academic qualifications and English skills needed to progress to a UK university. Students are graded A*-E on completion, which equals to 3 A-Level subjects. Once a minimum of CCC and EAP C grades were obtained, students are guaranteed to get conditional offers from NCUK’s partner universities in the UK, Australia and New Zealand with access to 3,000 degree programmes ranging from business, sociology, humanities and many more. According to data from 1-year IFY last year, students were successfully admitted to well-known tertiary institutions including University of Manchester, Newcastle University and University of Kent. Furthermore, the programme is also recognised by over 60 universities worldwide. Students can also apply to any university outside NCUK.


Results in 2020:

50% of grades were A*/A

75% of EAP grades were A*/A

University Destinations:

University of Manchester, Computer Science

University of Manchester, Mathematics with Financial Mathematics

University of the Sorbonne, Medicine

Queen Mary University of London, Marketing and Management

Newcastle University, Business Management (via INTO International Year One

University of Kent, Business and Management

University of Central Lancashire, Biomedical Science


Course Structure:

3 modules in Business, plus English for Academic Purposes

Course Duration:

6-month intensive programme



Entry Requirements:

Successful completion of HKDSE


Successful completion of Form 5 / Year 11 with a good school report / reference. Students entering via this route may have limited progression options

English Language Level:

IELTS 5.0+ (No less than 5.5 for Writing) or equivalent

(the college can offer their English Language test for those under 18 as an alternative)

Commence Date:

4 January, 2021

Tuition Hours:

31 hours per week:

  • Business — 6 hours per week
  • Economics — 6 hours per week
  • Maths (Business) — 6 hours per week
  • EAP — 13 hours per week

Class Size:

Maximum of 10 students, average of 6

Other Benefits:

  • Extra-curricular activities
  • Meetings with Senior Tutor
  • University counselling
  • Supervised study sessions
  • Personal, social, health and economic (PSHE) sessions

School fee:

£9,250 per term, £18,500 in total

College Address:

12 King Edward Street, Oxford, OX1 4HT, United Kingdom

Enquiry &


Carly Balmforth, Regional Recruitment Manager

Email: cbalmforth@oxfordinternational.com

Or visit:





Average class size 8 students

Average class size 20-25

Access to expert university progression guidance

University destination decided in advance

Qualifications recognised by over 60 universities

Qualifications recognised by 1 university

Over 3,000 degrees to choose from

Degree programme chosen in advance

Guaranteed two conditional offers

Guaranteed one conditional offer

Membership of Oxford Union

(University of Oxford student union)

Membership of host university student union

Senior tutors and house parents


Internationally recognised

UK only qualifications

Grades recognised by NARIC (The National Recognition Information Centre for the United Kingdom)

Grades recognised by host university

About Oxford Sixth Form College

Oxford Sixth Form College is an independent Sixth Form College for UK and international students. It offers a broad range of A-Level subjects as well as BTEC Business, NCUK IFY and GCSE programmes, and also English for Academic Purposes programmes for international students. The College provides programmes alternate to the mainstream in terms of programme start dates and duration of study.

About NCUK

NCUK is a consortium of leading UK universities dedicated to giving international students guaranteed access to universities worldwide and helping students succeed. Its qualifications are recognised by their own universities and by most others across the UK, including The University of Manchester, University of Leeds, University of Birmingham, Lancaster University, and many in the Russell Group.